ToE is not helping me at all. (in General)

Untouchable November 14 2005 7:04 PM EST

here's one example;The Boss's Fireball hit Enchanter [3677], Wall [1244], Mage [3611 my Mage (with a lvl 523k ToE) is stillt aking the same amount of damage as my Enchanter and my enchanter only has about 68 AC. ....or is it something im wearing? someone please explain! thanks :D

Untouchable November 14 2005 7:07 PM EST

oops...please move this to General

Synco November 14 2005 8:33 PM EST

It's the aura effect.

QBOddBird November 15 2005 1:19 AM EST

Hm. Sounds like a desperate situation in which the market value of the ToE will drop dramatically. Probably should insta it to mine at around a 20% rate so you can get what little you can from it before it becomes worthless. ^_^

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 15 2005 3:55 AM EST

What level FB is hitting you for 3K damage? o_O

What size is your ToE?

miteke [Superheros] November 15 2005 11:29 AM EST

Larger ToEs are only better than smaller ToEs against larger attacks.

If your ToE is a total overkill (as in your example), much of the affect is wasted. The aura affect is just as powerful as the main affect if the attack is small enough.

In my opinion, the ToE is one of the best tattoos to get when undersized. Say you can put a level 1000000 tattoo on your char but don't can't get one, but say you CAN get a level 300K tattoo! Getting a familiar to dish out damage at that level will most likely just get the poor fellow roasted in his own mana. A ToA at this level will help, but hardly let you compete with the folks that have a ToA of twice yours size. A level 300K ToE, however, is very effective on this team, particularly if you have lots of minions to bring the damage level down on a per minion basis.

So, to see your high level ToE shine, attack someone with a big attack (try taking on a big MM mage for instance - they got big attacks), rather than lots of small attacks.
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