New Supporter Theme! (in General)

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 10:12 PM EST

Hey all. I just received supportership status yesterday, and decided to make my own theme. I've spent quite a bit on making this, so I hope you guys like it. Any comments/criticism is welcome. Note: The scrollbars have not yet been fiddled with. I use safari on mac, which does not support custom scrollbars. If anyone would be kind enough to take a snapshot of the scrollbars, I can change the colors accordingly. Thanks!

To use this, go to settings and type in into the given text field.

Synco November 16 2005 10:13 PM EST


{CB1}Carp King November 16 2005 10:14 PM EST

is it just me or do the drop down boxes need a little work I cant see what is selected on the main page and on the side bar I cant read my opponents list.

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 10:17 PM EST

Hmm... not sure really. Its fine for me, but then again I don't know what you PC users are seeing, so I need help to fix this.

YNM November 16 2005 10:21 PM EST

Could i get a URL so i could put it into my custom theme? I have a URL block and cannot go onto any other websites.

{CB1}Carp King November 16 2005 10:21 PM EST

well the drop down box for the opponents list for me is almost entirely black and whatever I click on does not change color. The main page next to my equipment the scroll bar where it says none (assignment bar?) I cant read, it looks to me like white text on light blue background.

trigun November 16 2005 10:25 PM EST

how come it says it doesn't seem to be .css file was found...^_^

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 10:26 PM EST

@YNM: Here you go:
@Carp King: Hmmm... I'll check those out.

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 10:27 PM EST

@trigun: No clue, it should be working just fine. =/ Or at least it should have a css file.

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 10:33 PM EST

Alright everyone, I've tested it out on firefox, and I see the problems you have been mentioning. I shall try to fix them now. Stay tuned!

Maelstrom November 16 2005 11:08 PM EST

I've been wondering for a while about making a theme - do you know of a good site that'll tell me how to do it?

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 11:14 PM EST

Maelstorm: Check out the FAQ... or just go here:

Maelstrom November 16 2005 11:18 PM EST

Thank you, pixelsage! I am ashamed to admit that I didn't think to look there.... :S

QBPixel Sage November 16 2005 11:50 PM EST

Alright everyone! The list "bug" has been fixed. Just a little CSS code I didn't understand, but it should be fine now. If there is anything else wrong with this or you have any suggestions, let me know!

Note: Make sure you hard reload or empty your cache to get the right effect!

Gilgamesh2090 [NCB Shop] November 17 2005 12:50 AM EST

Looks very good will be my new permanant theme.....very good for those times when you wake up at 4 in the morning to spend your BA...doesnt hurt the eyes :)

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 17 2005 12:58 AM EST

one question, is that harry potter font?

Great theme though, my new perm.

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 1:04 AM EST

@Gilgamesh2090: Thanks man, I'm honored =P
@smallpau1: You bet it is. Font seemed to work well... and the movie is about to launch! And thanks. I'm honored x 2 =D

Special J November 17 2005 1:04 AM EST

you need to make a right arrow for the collapsed items in the left frame.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 17 2005 1:05 AM EST

yea, i notice Bart's suggestion too, just forgot to mention it.

{CB1}Carp King November 17 2005 1:11 AM EST

Good job pix, now I'm just waiting for that 2 mil thats suppose to come with the theme. ;)

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 1:15 AM EST

Haha... I never even knew such a thing existed. Well, I added a new image, so it should work fine now.

What what? 2 mil? *confused*

BURning [DarK]ness November 17 2005 1:35 AM EST

still isn't workin for me, i have firefox

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 1:44 AM EST

Hmm... do you have any clue as to why it may not work? It works on my firefox.

Note: Fixed the draw/tie text color from black to gray... so you can actually read it :)

Bootsanator November 17 2005 1:46 AM EST

works for me in firefox, and also, sweet! good work

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 2:15 AM EST

@Bootsenator: Thanks!

Anyways, any suggestions or anything? And does anyone know if I'm allowed to offer graphic services of any type for CB/USD? If anyone's interested in my work, I have a website at which I happen not to update anymore, haha. (please... if you're on IE, download Firefox and trash IE. Do you know what IE stands for? It stands for HORRIBLE.)

Outlaw November 17 2005 4:41 PM EST

I love the theme, it'll be my new perm. Tip: I can't see the writing say when I trade it's in white writing with a light gray backround I can't see it, but when I click and go down I can see it please get that fixed so I can see.

YNM November 17 2005 5:31 PM EST

Wicked sweet!

48Zach November 17 2005 5:47 PM EST

im using it :)

tscm November 17 2005 6:23 PM EST

I love it. I love you. You're wonderful. Keep it up.

XxFaezerxX November 17 2005 6:31 PM EST

i love this theme! this is awesome. side note, can u somehow fix his problem: when the writing is white, the new theme will make th writing invisible. for example take cupofjoe's bank status reports:his charts writing cna't be seen is there any way to fix this?

48Zach November 17 2005 6:36 PM EST

i cant use it.. my processor doesnt accept it.. :(

XxFaezerxX November 17 2005 6:36 PM EST

another exampe of this would be the train page, the writing in the scroll down boxes can't be seen.....=/

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 7:35 PM EST

So, as some of you noticed some of the text was unreadable. I fixed this just now. Also, I'll check on that table thing LoneWolf mentioned. Thanks everyone!
@Outlaw: Fixed! Had some trouble with the CSS, but it should be fine now.
@YNM: Thanks man :)
@Sacred-Samurai: Your processor doesn't accept it? =(
@ tscm|SF: Glad you like it!
@LoneWolf: I'll see if I can fix it now. It should be easy to fix.

Outlaw November 17 2005 7:39 PM EST

Thanks much better :D

Outlaw November 17 2005 7:41 PM EST

I do believe this is CB2 :P well how about at the top on the left frame it say Carnage Blender II, not Carnage Blender 2, nor just Carnage Blender pus adding that II will probably center it :D

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 7:42 PM EST

@LoneWolf: Hmm... it seems cubofjoe created the tables in HTML, and he manually set the background color of the table to white. Thus, I don't think CSS would override that. If I change the CSS just enough to make it work with his table, it will problematically mess up the coloring somewhere on the site. I guess this is one minor downside, though you can always try highlighting to see the text =D. Sorry =(

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 7:43 PM EST

@Outlaw: Sure, I'll get to that later. I have to go to piano lessons now!

XxFaezerxX November 17 2005 7:45 PM EST

alright np thnx for trying =) this theme is still awesome

Reebok November 17 2005 10:04 PM EST

I like it, but my scrollbars are still red (using Yahoo web browser, but it's basically IE), is that intentional? I think they might look a little better as a blue.

Is that Harry Potter text for the Carnage Blender logo? It looks cool.

Synco November 17 2005 10:10 PM EST

What's up the with blue bars going across the my recent battles page?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] November 17 2005 10:23 PM EST


I'm loving it :)

If I had some extra cash, I'd send you some...maybe after I buy some TG's :)

QBPixel Sage November 17 2005 10:31 PM EST

@Reebok: I asked if a PC user could take a screenshot to show me what it looks like, so I can fiddle with the colors to match the theme. No one has done so yet =D

@Leon: It was an error in the CSS I forgot to change. I did change it a few hours back, but you may still be seeing it because its in your cache. Try hard reload or emptying your cache, and it should look fine.

@Slayer333: Thanks man, but the thought counts just as much =D

{CB1ate}aupStar November 17 2005 10:33 PM EST

so puuuurrrddyyy....x)

Keep up the great work man!! ^__^

QBPixel Sage November 18 2005 1:40 AM EST

@aupStar: Thanks =D

Anyways, I've just updated the theme. I attempted to change the scrollbar colors. However, I cannot see the results on the mac. If anyone would be kind enough to take a screenshot of the colored scrollbar, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] November 18 2005 1:53 AM EST

one thing i saw, on the recent battles page, there's line dividers all down the page.

Don't know if its just me, but thought id bring it up...=)

QBPixel Sage November 18 2005 2:02 AM EST

@smallpua1: I've fixed this. Try emptying your cache or doing a hard refresh. That should force the new CSS to load properly.

QBPixel Sage November 18 2005 2:19 PM EST

Hmm... it seems the CSS reverted back for some reason... looks like I need to fix that stupid problem again :gonk:

bartjan November 18 2005 2:42 PM EST

I don't keep copies of old files (files? blobs!) around, so 'reverted back' probably either means your browser has cached an old version, or you didn't actually save the new version ;)

QBPixel Sage November 18 2005 6:40 PM EST

Weird... well I was using a school comp. I reloaded the CSS file over and over, but I guess the cache had too strong of a hold on it or something. But its fine now at home :)

QBPixel Sage November 19 2005 12:14 PM EST

Everyone! I was able to fix the table coloring as a previously thought not possible. For example,

QBPixel Sage November 19 2005 12:23 PM EST

Okay. Problem fixed something, though it had some overall color changes (that personally I don't like that much). Opinions on the new coloring? Like or dislike?

HunterFrei November 19 2005 1:04 PM EST

I don't like the new colors. The way it was is better IMO.

QBPixel Sage November 19 2005 1:20 PM EST

Well I got two opinions (including mine). It has been reverted until a fix can be found.
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