UC and ToBF overpowered?!?!? (in Contests)

QBOddBird November 19 2005 11:15 AM EST

Heh. 75k goes to the person who can offer the best explanation as to why this skill and this tattoo are wayyyy too powerful! Go for it! If you wish to post more than once, wait for someone else to post before you put in your second entry.

No "if"s. For example: If UC's evasion stacked with DBs....etc.

Have fun with this one.

Synco November 19 2005 11:16 AM EST


QBOddBird November 19 2005 11:18 AM EST

nope. ~_^ I said what I meant and I meant what I said! That's why it'll be a difficult contest, silly. xD

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 19 2005 11:22 AM EST

[admin: Can someone please sign up novice for a HTML course?]
the ToBF is too overpowered because it gives you defense against
the two most powerful strats at the same time,
with a big enough Tat, why no one could hit you, or burn you,
they would have to resort to using creative methods,
so since people are "special", this tat is obviously the most powerful.
There ya go, people, dumb, tat, overpowered.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 19 2005 11:57 AM EST

*insert evil laugh here*, thanks for the fix..< pre > tags of doom!

priceless gems November 19 2005 1:20 PM EST

ummmm... unarmed combat is good because you can use bows with it in ranged rounds and you can get armor that compliments unarmed combat.
am i right?

QBJohnnywas November 19 2005 1:23 PM EST

They're overpowered because Sefton is using them. And we don't want to give Seft an unfair advantage right?

Nerf em!

priceless gems November 19 2005 1:54 PM EST

with unarmed combat he can save money to buy better armor and ranged weapons and ammo plus the helm's gauntlets give a bonus.
(i don't know how much of a bonus though)
and the tattoo of balrog flame damages melee and protects from fire, "stopping the 2 best strategies used in the game at the same time".

Synco November 19 2005 1:58 PM EST

I hate this thread. I really do.

I was hoping Jon would give UC a boost this month, but if he reads these explanations as to why it's "overpowered," that might not happen.

QBOddBird November 19 2005 2:09 PM EST

mwahaha, I am your nemesis, and because of this thread, Jon will never re-buff UC ever again!


And guys, explanations as to why it is so overpowered are what I'm looking for, rather than descriptions of what it does.

BootyGod November 19 2005 2:15 PM EST

Man ToBF... so obvious it rules all... its name is cool it makes u on fire it makes it harder for them to hit u it beats the crud out of tanks and makes fireball mages quivver... anything else need to b said? oh and its got 4 letter acronym

priceless gems November 19 2005 2:23 PM EST

because of the bonus from the helm gaunlets and maybe combat GI, unarmed combat can do way more damage than most weapons that cost millions of dollars. plus the unarmed combat gives you evasion affecting the strength of opponent weapons and maybe even lower dexterity allowing the minion to more oftenly hit and avoid being hit.

the balrog flame tattoo (man i need to learn the abbreviations) could stop fire mages in their tracks while making other tanks (i think thats what warriors are called here) die faster from the burning flames surrounding the minion.

plus of course sefton, whoever that is, is using them

woah! i had to think about that one so i hope i win.

QBBarzooMonkey November 19 2005 4:50 PM EST

I'm with Leon - UC needs more love, so stop this madness!!!



Undertow November 19 2005 10:11 PM EST

Dude, it's simple. Ninjas.

Ninjas > you. You cannot stop the ninja. And what's UC? Training to be a ninja, duh.

Now, CB doesn't have much to do with hiding. Indeed, there is not hide skill at all. So these talents of the ninja are solely unused.

Fire, however, is bright. So bright, you can't hide. Even if your behind a corner the fire shines around the corner and people, probably bad people who want to kill the ninja, know you are there.

But that doesn't matter, because CB ninjas don't hide. So, what could be better than a CB ninja? A CB NINJA THAT GETS SET ON FIRE!!! The speed and strength of a ninja, the... well.... ability to melt butter of a balrog. All wrapped up in one container, or pure CB kick-buttedness.

You cannot stop the Flaming CB Ninjas of DOOOOOM! So don't even try. Stupid overpowered ninjas.

IndependenZ November 20 2005 7:22 AM EST

UC is definitely not overpowered. That's it.

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] November 20 2005 10:45 AM EST

Make it 750K and I will tell you :)
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