Multi: choochoo, reobakusheri (in Public Record)

Synco November 25 2005 3:37 PM EST

Got killed, so he opened a new account.

Ilovehellokitty November 25 2005 3:38 PM EST

<system> [mail:] You have been assigned as a mentor to choochoo, who is currently in the room 'new players'. CB has taken the liberty of forging a chatmail from you welcoming him. Thanks for your help!

There goes my 3rd mentee as multi ;(

BlueWolf November 25 2005 3:40 PM EST

here's something for you. real text... people can confirm.

<choochoo> y did u kill reobakusheri out of the chat
* BlueWolf likes being op though........ :(
<BlueWolf> cause he turned into the spamming king
<choochoo> if u let me back in ill stop being annoying
<choochoo> i promise
<BlueWolf> no
<Pad_The_Wanderer> Lol
<Leon> Banned, son.
<BlueWolf> ban him!
<choochoo> ill stop
<BlueWolf> that's multi that is1!
<Leon> Too late.
<BlueWolf> get him banned!!
<Gun> heh knew it before yall
<choochoo> plz i will stop spamming
[OB]DrDictator left the room.
[OB]DrDictator has joined the room.
- new players: server grants op status to [OB]DrDictator
Lehrkraft has joined the room.
<Pad_The_Wanderer> Lol!
<[OB]DrDictator> OK, who wants to make the PR on choochoo
<Gun> memories right leon ;)
<BlueWolf> OB!!! reo's a multi!
<BlueWolf> i'll check it!!
<choochoo> what is PR?
<[OB]DrDictator> yes, we got that.
<[OB]DrDictator> Public Record. So they can ban you for being a multi
<choochoo> what is a multi?
<[OB]DrDictator> which is the exact reason you're about to be killed from chat.
<Leon> You!
choochoo left the room.

tscm November 25 2005 3:42 PM EST

confirmed! I am a hunter of multis and know what I'm talking about....

Synco November 25 2005 3:46 PM EST

Add monkeyballsfanfan to the list.

QBOddBird November 25 2005 3:47 PM EST

add monkeyballsfanfan and reo190 to that list.

BlueWolf November 25 2005 3:48 PM EST

get shade or bartjan in here!!

Synco November 25 2005 3:55 PM EST

LordShitaru as well.

reobakusheri November 25 2005 4:27 PM EST

i admit that I made an extra account named choochoo I am sorry that I was annoying in the chat I got carried away..... and I will stip makeing any new accounts, and will stop spamming.

Reobakusheri( the sad multi )

reobakusheri November 25 2005 4:27 PM EST

and also all the others as well

AdminG Beee November 25 2005 6:29 PM EST

Reset reobakusheri

Banned LordShitaru, monkeyballsfanfan, iamthemonKEYkinguy, imbored, choochoo and reo190

tscm November 25 2005 6:41 PM EST

[LOD]LordOfDestruction another

AdminG Beee November 25 2005 6:42 PM EST

Banned [LOD]LordOfDestruction

AdminG Beee November 25 2005 6:52 PM EST

reobakusheri also banned.

QBOddBird November 25 2005 10:50 PM EST

Add Sukasa to that list.

AdminG Beee November 26 2005 2:54 AM EST

Came back as Sukasa and happyhappy.

Banned the IP.
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