why can we only have 1 Account (in General)

Flamey November 30 2005 11:27 PM EST

I read in the policy before joining up that you can only have one account. i would like to know why, because in a different text-based game i used to play the limit was 2 accounts per user.

btw i goto a public library to play

gooey muppet November 30 2005 11:31 PM EST

Because this game is more tightly regulated than other online games. And because of that, we have an economy that is actually worth something in real dollars.

Also because Jon said so.

Maelstrom November 30 2005 11:39 PM EST

It's for your own good:

Consider the amount of time we addicts spend playing this game with just a single account. Easily a couple hours per day, and probably more.

If you had more accounts, the time you would spend here would be multiplied by the number of accounts. With four accounts, you could easily spend half the day just burning BA.

Jon's just looking out for us: he doesn't want us all to become completely withdrawn from the world.

Flamey November 30 2005 11:50 PM EST

ok thanks i just wanted to know the reason behind it

Xiaz on Hiatus December 1 2005 1:27 AM EST

Jonathan cares about us? Really?

Maelstrom December 1 2005 1:34 AM EST

Yes Xiaz, he does. Deeply.

[The Wretched]Freekie [Lower My Fees] December 1 2005 2:07 AM EST

most games only allow you to have 1 account anyway...

Adrian Exodus December 1 2005 2:10 AM EST

but some just like this one allow you to have more then 1 character, so really there is no 'good' reason for wanting a second account.

well besides being so addicted you want to play non stop...but really thats not a good thing :)

Elf X.7plus35k December 1 2005 11:29 AM EST

"Jon's just looking out for us: he doesn't want us all to become completely withdrawn from the world."

That very well maybe but the lacking of accounts made me spend even MORE time playing DiabloII. :P
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