Idea: New Mage Type (in General)

chappy [Soup Ream] December 1 2005 9:13 AM EST

I'm a little bored this morning so I thought I'd throw out what was on my mind ... All opinions are welcome, but this is just a discussion thread so please try and keep things going in the right direction ... that being said...

New Mage Type

Targets up to 5 minions.
Only fires in ranged rounds.
Damage is approx 75% of MM.
Damage progressively gets stronger (like CoC).

I guess I was thinking of the opposite of my current ToA Mage .. that being the one capable of wielding the mighty MH/BoTH ... remember Gandalf had a sword ... why can't my mages??

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 1 2005 9:16 AM EST

Then can, it just does nothing for them! ;)

I'd love a ranged only DD. Ranged DD + ToA + BL + Massive Weapon = Ownage!

onlyyouknow December 1 2005 10:35 AM EST

If it only works in range, that means if the mage is not equipped with a ToA or trained in str and dex and equipping a melee weapon, it will be a sitting duck during melee? :p

chappy [Soup Ream] December 1 2005 10:42 AM EST

Well I think that the point was to kind of create a fighting mage ... Granted the easiest way to take advantage of this is to slap a ToA on one and go to town, but some people might just want to train the dd spell on their mini tank instead of using a ranged weapon ... Or maybe they want their wall to just take out some enchanters in ranged ...

I agree that if you want to use the suggested mage type as a beater that you'd have to have a melee weapon ... but if you are planning on just using it as support then it isn't a necessity.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 1 2005 10:43 AM EST

Or you could train UC on it...



onlyyouknow December 1 2005 10:50 AM EST

UC?? You must be joking, right? :p

Sukotto [lookingglas] December 1 2005 11:53 AM EST

You mean something like: DD spell "Earthquake"
Training costs about 30% more than the same level of Fireball (That's an arbitrary amount and should maybe be higher)

Targets all opponents without splitting damage (the opposite of what FB does)
Only fires during ranged combat.
Fires every round of ranged.

Pairs nicely with:
- CoC mages
- Heavy tanks

If you're feeling nasty, you could also add
Every opponent with less Dex than ,some constant*Earthquake-level has a 50% chance of falling down and not attacking that round.

Which would be useful against:
- Archers
- FB mages and Familiars with low dex
- Minions wearing a TA

Grant December 1 2005 1:44 PM EST

Which works brilliantly until you have 2 teams, each with Earthquake. :)

Hyrule Castle December 1 2005 6:07 PM EST

how about a sword, with magic capabilities? like.... it can shoot at the enemies during ranged rounds.... maybe... ...somehow you can fit that in the sword somehow... like... it also levels like a tattoo??

Hyrule Castle December 1 2005 6:09 PM EST

but during melee round... its a strong sword.... :D?

Adrian Exodus December 1 2005 6:10 PM EST

so its going to be like the cb1 elbow of mage spells...but it hits every one to?

Emin3nt December 1 2005 8:22 PM EST

Do you hear that? It sounds like a plethora of golfers...


chappy [Soup Ream] December 2 2005 9:24 AM EST

Unfortunately I missed out on cb1, but hey cb2 is here ... now about that mage type ... I'm not sure how we got talking about a sword that levels :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] December 2 2005 12:14 PM EST

about the

How to make a truly overpowered minion just because it would suit you. The point of CB is Mage/Tank/Enchanter choice, transformers can be made but are likely to be quite weak and making it possible to have a strong version of it would defeat the purpose.

chappy [Soup Ream] December 2 2005 12:18 PM EST

I don't think there is anything overpowered about a dd spell that does less damage than mm (total) and is split amongst up to 5 minions .... and it only fires at 3 times ... sure I'd toss a bug MH on it and go from there, but to call it overpowered?

Maybe I'm missing your point ... how is it overpowered?
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