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BrandonLP December 4 2005 7:13 AM EST

Lately I've done a lot of thinking. A few of you know the situation surrounding my thoughts and the reasons why I'm more likely than not leaving CB2 in the near future. However, I do want to share something with all of you.

I've grown to create friendships with many of you that fall outside of CB2. Many of you I talk to on AIM or MSN on a daily basis. Others, I've grown to know you quite well inside the game and would gladly speak highly of you.

But before I go completely, I wanted to share [at least] one last thing with you all:


I wrote that very, very early this morning and tracked it by about 4 AM. It's things like these that are what draw me away from CB2, but I wanted you all to know that I won't soon forget you.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 4 2005 11:13 AM EST

Nicely done, B. :)

QBsutekh137 December 4 2005 11:31 AM EST

Oh, come on now...no reason to go...

Where else are you going to get tips on keeping your chicken flock disciplined? Seriously? Nowhere.

The reason to stay can be summed up in four letter: N S F Y

AdminNightStrike December 4 2005 12:06 PM EST

Can you post the lyrics?

BrandonLP December 4 2005 1:44 PM EST

Do you think, about the days
When we would lie awake
Hand in hand, face to face

I've been denied
I've been replaced
A lonely, quiet place

She's so lucky
She's got everything that she wants
She's so perfect
Is everything enough

And when you go about your day
Do you stop and remember dates
About me, about things
Like how our love will never fade

She's so lucky
She's got everything that she wants
She's so perfect
Is everything enough

She's so lucky
Is everything enough

Hyrule Castle [Defy] December 4 2005 2:02 PM EST

wow, that was really good.... you made that?

BrandonLP December 4 2005 2:09 PM EST

Yes sir, I did. I was recently at a friend's apartment playing guitar for her and some other people. In between songs, they'd talk about what a sweet guy I was and how the girl that I was madly in love with was "so lucky." Last night I went back over to her apartment and while a bunch of us hung out, I kept thinking about how lucky this girl was. And then a song was born... ;)

Hyrule Castle [Defy] December 4 2005 2:11 PM EST

lol, cool

Special J December 4 2005 3:46 PM EST

I've 3 other songs done by Brandon, and while they are not in my style or tempo of personaly played music, I dig them all.

Blarg December 4 2005 4:13 PM EST

really nice song, and you can talk to me as much as you want on MSN, i'll pm you my address if you want.
Did i already mention it was a really good song?

BrandonLP December 4 2005 4:16 PM EST

Thank you all for the compliments. You guys are actually inspiring me to share more. ;) If any of you want my contact details, as I have every messaging service known to man, just send me a CM.

annuminas [Serenity In Chaos] December 4 2005 4:37 PM EST

I like that...makes me wonder what talents other people here have...

Hyrule Castle [Defy] December 4 2005 9:13 PM EST

you thinkin of having a contest for talent contests or something?
cause that song would be hard to beat

QBsutekh137 December 4 2005 9:28 PM EST

It would be. But I can write a poem that might get close...

So, I will officially turn this thread into a showcase, knowing full well that BrandonLP has already won. *wink*

Blind Date

She said her cheeks hurt.
The evening's happiness working her face.
She said she hadn't laughed like that in ages.
The quotes, the songs, the thoughts (I thought) of times to come.
She said her eyes were broken.
I wanted to be her eyes.
She said she had strong opinions.
A quality only she was allowed to have.

I tried to tell her who I was.

She said I was acting odd.
She said I sounded upset.
She said it seemed like bickering on the phone.
She said we should end things there.

I silently disagreed.

Sorry. I'm not going to tell you the story behind that one. *smile*

Blarg December 4 2005 9:49 PM EST

Posted this on CB1 last year, currently its in poetry.com too

"My Love"

Blinded by your beauty
Excited by your voice
Encouraged by your mind
Longing for your touch
Entrapped by your eyes
Hurt by your sorrow
Stunned by your grace
Warmed by your kindness
Charmed by your smile
Enraptured by your laugh
Mesmerized by you,
My Love.

Synco December 4 2005 9:53 PM EST

Here's one:

Yo, yo, yo.
My name is Joe.
My pants are low.
And my boxers show.

Xiaz on Hiatus December 4 2005 9:57 PM EST

That song is real nice, I wouldn't mind hearing what other stuff you have Brandon (CM sent). I would love to be able to make music, sadly I'm not that talented, nor do I have the equipment.

Why does everything have to be a contest? Just make a thread where us Cb'er can post our poems/lyrics. ;)

Undertow December 5 2005 4:18 AM EST

The brief skim over of it I did got Franz Ferdinand's "Do You Want To"

When I woke up tonight
I said I'm gonna make somebody love me
I’m Gonna make somebody love me
And now I know, now I know, now I know
I know that it's you
You’re Lucky, lucky, you're so lucky

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 5 2005 7:17 AM EST

I'd like to share 'I Miss You' by Incubus. A lovely song that Claire and I used as our first dance and also to get married to. :)

To see you when I wake up
Is a gift I didn't think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do
Is a three-fold utopian dream.

You do something to me, that I can't explain.
So would I be out of line if I said,
I miss you.

I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine.
You have only been gone ten days, but already I'm wasting away.

I know I'll see you again
Whether far or soon.
But I just want you to know that I care
And I miss you.

Xiaz on Hiatus December 5 2005 8:01 AM EST

My lady has been gone a week, left me for an overseas vacation. And I am definitely missing her. But it ain't that bad, gives me time and the inspiration to write and return to CB for a while. :)

Here's my contribution, wrote it on the 1-11-05. Not complete though want to add more verses to it.

// Our Dreams

We run our lives, and walk our dreams,
The fabric of life, has a fragile seam.
Give into the temptress and she will give,
The reasons and moments, that make you live.
They come and go, so fast, yet slow,
Hope and fear, the seeds she sows.

Yet no words, or song, or dance, could explain the feeling,
The moments of our dreams, our minds, they're revealing.
But I know that feeling of love and understanding,
There is no need to ask, there is no demanding.
Don't ever forget, that you are never alone,
There's always someone waiting for you, on that phone.



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