Recent Battles abusers? (in General)

chappy [Soup Ream] December 6 2005 3:52 PM EST

Ok I'll be the first to admit that I check my recent battles a lot and even the 'all' recent battles .. it's a quick and easy way to see who is online fighting at the moment .. Well today I got a surprise when I was checking All Recent Battles....

A minority of players have recently gotten into the habit of requesting this page several thousand times a day. This degrades the quality of service for everyone else, so cap of 400 recent battles per day (i.e., from one cache flush to the next) has been instituted.

Have a Nice Day.

Now I can't look at my recent battles until tomorrow I take it? If I knew it was a problem I wouldn't have checked it so much... I think this might have been a little extreme without any warning about the frequency of checking recent battles. Maybe a forum post could have been instituted first ...

Derek December 6 2005 3:57 PM EST

I don't get the message when I go to check my recent battles..

Maelstrom December 6 2005 4:36 PM EST

chappy, maybe it's a cap per user - maybe you've checked that page more than 400 times today.

chappy [Soup Ream] December 6 2005 4:40 PM EST

yea i'm guessing thats what it was ... All I was saying iy might have need nice had I know about this 'rule' before ..

Adrian Exodus December 6 2005 4:40 PM EST

I think this or was it something with the store purchase log... well I think something was done like this back in cb1 days.

QBsutekh137 December 6 2005 4:44 PM EST

Yes. Now you know. Don't check it so much tomorrow.

Derek December 6 2005 4:51 PM EST

Just out of curiousity how do you manage to request the recent battles page 400 times in a day? Thats like once every four minutes for 24 hours a day.

Mikel December 6 2005 5:14 PM EST

wow, I get hit a lot, and I'm always watching to see if someone is hitting me atm so I can attack with out getting farmed and I haven't ran into this problem, but seriously, I doubt I even check it 100 times in a day..

Maelstrom December 6 2005 5:14 PM EST

It didn't even occur to me that you knew that you got the message because you were going to the page too often. I can't imagine why someone would want to see that page so much...

chappy [Soup Ream] December 6 2005 5:23 PM EST

i didn't know i was going to see the page. I didn't know that this page existed ... My whole point was that I had never heard of the page anywhere nor from anybody. If I had then I would never check it so much ... I recently started checking the 'all' recent battles waiting to see if there was anybody that I wanted to farm. Obviously I now know that I won't be able to do this, but a simple disclaimer would have been enough to keep me from losing my recent battles ..

I don't think I have been whining at all, but more looking for an explanation and something in writing maybe that could discourage future issues with this page.

Mikel December 6 2005 5:24 PM EST

try viewing my Battle Log every couple of days, You'll see that I'm hit around the clock.

Starseed^Lure December 6 2005 5:27 PM EST

400 times it a day? Sheesh, can you say "twitchy"? XP

AdminJonathan December 6 2005 5:28 PM EST

it's really simple: you abused the system, got your wrist slapped, now you know not to do it again.

CB doesn't subscribe to the "do not put your cat in the microwave" school of warning people of all the possible ways to be idiots.

Synco December 6 2005 5:30 PM EST

You have about 2k battles challenged, and you've checked the 'recent battles' page 400 times in a day. That's about once every five battles.

That's kinda creepy.

YOU December 6 2005 5:36 PM EST

I agree, and have some more information if you want:-
1/ Before driving your car you MUST close the doors and make sure the park brake is off.
2/ Do not put your cat in the microwave to dry it after it got wet.
3/ Make sure you are holding the right end of the chain saw before starting it.
4/ Do not switch your computer off by throwing it out of the window.
5/ Make sure the bit of the rifle with the hole in the end is facing towards the target, and not your eye before pulling the trigger.

QBsutekh137 December 6 2005 5:41 PM EST

Jonathan, if that intensive, could you just throttle it the same way you do with updating battle stats on Inspect page? Just wondering...

AdminJonathan December 6 2005 5:53 PM EST

I don't think that would work well with the way people use that page.

It's not a huge problem, anyway. Enforcing a little moderation seems to keep things under control.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 6 2005 8:17 PM EST

6/ Do not turn upside down (on the bottom of the container...)

*grumble*very angry about peopel blaming others in this world*grumble*

Undertow December 6 2005 8:25 PM EST

Just to throw some info out there:

20 hours of CB (4 hours sleep)

That's once every 3 minutes, consistently.

chappy, you should find proffesional help. OCD is a real disorder.

Special J December 6 2005 8:28 PM EST

the D in OCD means disorder, so of course it is a disorder

chappy [Soup Ream] December 6 2005 8:30 PM EST

just to clear this up ... I was using it to find when people were fighting .. during heavy fight times the 'all' recent battles updates fully literally in seconds .. so u can click it about 20 times per minute and have a new list every time .. I chose to do this rather than simply clicking on the same person when they were comotosed .. that way I didn't pull up so many bot checks ..

Today is the first time this has happened to me because I just started doing it this way. Now I'll just have to go back to the old way of farming .. no big deal..
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