The Strat Session vol. 1 (in General)

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] December 7 2005 1:27 PM EST

The Strat Session vol. 1

n00b: So what are we going to talk about today, mighty guru?

GUrU: Tattoos, n00b, tattoos

n00b: What's so special about tattoos?

GUrU: They are an integral part of your gaming experience here at Carnage Blender. Basically there are arguments for and against the necessity of tattoos, but regardless I think it is totally clear they are necessary for the Elite, and for lack of a better designation the Elite are the Top 10 Scores in the game, to compete.

n00b: So if I want to be in the top 10 I need a tattoo?

GUrU: Absolutely.

n00b: So I should start early and grow my tattoo right?

GUrU: Not necessarily.

n00b: Oh, what do you mean mighty guru?

GUrU: Well, there is a recently implemented change to the way in which tattoos operate, which I can tell from many FS/WTB posts are not clearly understood, and are part of my reason for talking about tattoos here today.

n00b: What changes are those?

GUrU: Well, it all revolves around the concept of Max Tattoo. Basically, Max Tattoo is the maximum level in which any equipped tattoo, regardless of level, can operate at. Using this concept I will put forth what I believe to be true.

GUrU: The optimal way to equip a tattoo, is at the max tattoo level or above. Any level below that creates operational inefficiencies such that the gain in PR and the gain in effective power in combat are less than optimal. No one in the game, at exactly your MPR level can equip a bigger tattoo than you at this level. Anyone of higher MPR with less than max tattoo level will begin to watch their tattoo lag behind in fighting effectiveness compared to your own.

n00b: Hmmm, sounds pretty complex, is there a trick?

GUrU: Well, If you accept that to be true, then you need to listen up to the best part. The system makes it easy for you to remain at this level. The system makes any tattoo bigger than your max tattoo operate at exactly your max tattoo level in all ways! This includes its effect on your PR via NW. That is the key point. This includes its effect on your PR via NW. So you equip a level 1,000,000 tattoo on a 10MPR character, and his PR only jumps to his max tattoo level, which might be what a 10MPR gain max.

n00b: So what are you saying?

GUrU: In the end, I'm saying buy the biggest tattoo you can afford and equip it. Do not hunt for a specific level of tattoo, pick the biggest on you can buy.

n00b: Why do that?

GUrU: Because you cannot grow your tattoo in levels equal to your max tattoo level, it is impossible. So once your max tattoo level exceeds your tattoo's current level your current tattoo can never catch up to your max tattoo again. So if you agree it is best to equip a max tattoo or beyond, then it is actually better to buy a bigger tattoo as soon as possible, because it will reduce the number of times you need to insta up or buy a bigger tattoo.

n00b: Huh, so basically?

GUrU: Basically buy the biggest tattoo you can afford. Equip it regardless your current MPR, and only get new ones when your max tattoo exceeds your current tattoo level.

n00b: So that's the trick huh?

GUrU: Yah, that's the trick.

Another riveting edition of Strat Session, this has been vol. 1 of 1.

QBJohnnywas December 7 2005 1:35 PM EST

Come on Seft, don't let everybody know! Seriously though there's only one reason to insta down/sell a tattoo and that's for quick large cash. Everybody who grows a big tattoo should just keep it. Restarting as a NCB with your tattoo always at maximum level is a really good way of giving yourself a headstart......

QBJohnnywas December 7 2005 1:40 PM EST

There's also making the most out of the weapon allowance if you're a tank....the NW/PR link created a lot of illusion around what REAL PR actually is...

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 7 2005 2:55 PM EST

*needs more character development

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] December 7 2005 3:02 PM EST


There, characters developed ;)

Maelstrom December 7 2005 3:06 PM EST

Sefton, if Chet was the n00b, the posts would have been MUCH longer ;)

Peter at home December 7 2005 5:16 PM EST

I don't agree fully with you sefton, for these reasons:
- If you are using tattoo which is above you max tattoo, then you are loosing money (or wasting exp.). Some of your exp is spend on the tattoo, while your tattoo is not growing (thus not gaining value). If you just got a tattoo which is really close to your max tattoo, your tattoo will grow and gain value, which you can use. I can only estimate that it can be maybe 20 mil (maybe less, but I bet it will be at least 15 mil) in tattoo value, until you reach 1 mil MPR.

- Depending on strategy, not for all tattoos apply that you need bigger tattoo than your opponent (providing you have similar MPR and NW) to win.

Special J December 7 2005 5:20 PM EST

Max tattoo: 1,349,000
My tattoo :1,084,000

I'll never be able to follow that advice ;)

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] December 7 2005 5:50 PM EST

Well you bring up valid points Peter. I disagree that you lose money or exp. Certainly you lose the exp the tat would have normally gained in value had it been able to grow, but I do not think your own minions get less exp because your at your max tattoo. And yes if you are saying you lose that growth, you do, but that growth is at 100% where when purchasing large tattoos you rarely pay more than 60% of the NW anymore. So I do not think the growth factor accounts for buying oversized.

Yes you are right sometimes certain strats win over others with the "gear" being accounted for. But no one of equal MPR can equip a bigger tattoo than me at max, and that allows you to always be competitive with the maximum potential of your peers.

In the end, I think the loss of any potential gained exp from the minion, vs. the cost of buying a bigger one in NW to cb2 spent value, you come out ahead if you buy at a good rate, and regardless of how strats match up, no one can be "better" tattoo wise than you assuming you have identical MPR

Peter at home December 7 2005 6:38 PM EST

I said I don't agree "fully" because the Strat session is too general.
I think it would be good to distinguish at least 2 different users (newbies and veterans) and also a level a which they are currently at (low MPR and 600k+ MPR).
This way there will be 4 specific cases and advises will be more accurate and helpful.

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] December 8 2005 3:37 AM EST

if sefton is right, then don't buy normal tattoos but only lesser ones. they are much much cheaper. since they are equal to normal ones except that they learn slowly, with the sefton's strategy they will never learn, so you lose nothing.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 8 2005 3:49 AM EST

But who's going to level a lesser to make it high enough to reach your max?


UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] December 8 2005 3:54 AM EST


sometimes the auctionner sells a really huge lesser tattoo. rare but I saw a few weeks ago a lesser tattoo for 450,000 CB. I did not bought it. am wondering what was its level.
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