How is my Strategy (in General)

Tyra December 8 2005 7:58 PM EST

I was wondering if You might have a look at my strategy and tell me how to improve it... :-)

Undertow December 8 2005 8:00 PM EST

I'm assuming your protection and DM are base. You know your Dispel magic kills your AMF right?

onlyyouknow December 8 2005 8:09 PM EST

Just to add 3 points.

Shift that mcm on the enchanter to the mage and also you might wanna consider shifting that Ice Familiar to the back to make it more effective but you'll have to sacrifice that CoI or you can change the ice familiar to another type of tattoo. Lastly, your tank is very prone to attacks and your mage will be quite weak because you are having a 4 minion team. Changing to a ToE or ToA might be better for your setup.

Grant December 8 2005 8:18 PM EST

Your score's twice your power and 4x your MPR. Worry when it drops.

Adrian Exodus December 8 2005 8:20 PM EST

no it's probably good to worry now cause when it drops you won't be able to change it with out taking a huge hit.

Maelstrom December 8 2005 8:27 PM EST

I expect you already know that you should eventually get AGs, DBs, and a handful of Corns.

Personally, I prefer a FB mage with a ToE, but if your setup works, great.

Peter at home December 8 2005 8:41 PM EST

I am doubtful about your Tank in your team. It has really low DX and there is no way in the future that it will be competitive against bigger Tanks.
I'd suggest to change the tank to Enchanter, this way you can get rid of VA and move EO spell from your Mage to this new enchanter and put another AS there instead of VA. And on your Mage, put everything to CoC.

onlyyouknow December 8 2005 8:44 PM EST

On second thoughts, a RoS might be better for your team since you have many trained ED spells. It will help boost your AS and protect it from DM. You can just focus all your exp on training ST, DX and BL on the tank and CoC on the mage.

Maelstrom December 8 2005 8:46 PM EST

The tank was probably just hired recently. Maybe use a RoE for a while, to boost it up.

Grant December 8 2005 9:26 PM EST

I thought it went, when it takes a hit, he changes the familar to a TOA like everyone else :)

Stephen Young December 8 2005 9:30 PM EST

I have a slightly similar strat and it works very well. (On my NCB and my retired main.)

Tyra December 8 2005 9:33 PM EST

First of all , thanks for so many replies in such a short time :-)

DM and Prot are base. DM ist just for other players that might use Protection as Base to cancel that out...My own Protection won't be canceled.

Tank and mage where there from the beginning..
I really like to have a tank, I would be sorry for him to go.
Do You really think a ToA might do better ?
the IF is in Top Ten and is doing a great job I think.
But then, You are more expert than I am...
Keep going :-)

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] December 8 2005 10:24 PM EST

I like you set-up but a couple things you should think about. Who does more damage over all? Your IF or your tank? If it's your IF then I would move your tank in front of your enchanter with the IF and pump some hp on the tank to act as a sort of mini-wall/tank. You might even just want to try that out to see if the extra protection for the IF would mean a greater overall damage output. Just a thought. And that MCM should be on your mage not your enchanter. Also for your tank have you considered using a MgS instead of the BoM and getting some Tulk's to make up the difference in ST increase? This would give your tank extra protection against mages and with VA he might be the last standing.

Asian Man December 8 2005 11:02 PM EST

i only started playing like 3 weeks ago i think, but in my opinion you should raise more strength and health on your tank and try to get seekers. the seekers will help kill opposing mages faster and the mages will only have 20 DX allowing you at your current DX to probably hit them multiple times. that would hurt many mages plus your AMF.

as for opposing tanks the strength on your tank will lower opposing melee attacks (i think strength does that also). yes the mini wall/tank idea would be good also.

but dont take my advice that strongly because i am rather new but i think that would be a good strat.

Asian Man December 8 2005 11:04 PM EST

and yes definitely put the mithril chain mail on the mage.

onlyyouknow December 8 2005 11:08 PM EST

"as for opposing tanks the strength on your tank will lower opposing melee attacks (i think strength does that also). yes the mini wall/tank idea would be good also."

Strength do lower the damage taken but its too small to be significant. I would rather he train more on DX because he would be able to hit ToA tanks if his DX is too low. Go for DX enhancing gears like elven gears. You should go for the ToA which will make your tank slightly more balanced, unless you want the IF to be the main damage dealer. If that's the case, move that IF to the back so that it can survive till melee.

QBJohnnywas December 9 2005 5:13 AM EST

As your team is CoC and bloodlust tank you need to look at ensuring most of your team survive into melee. The best way of doing this with your set up would be to build up the real HP as well as AS. Your enchanters then become better meatshields, especially where DM is concerned.

Relying on AS you're leaving yourself open to the big FB/DM teams. Most of those at the level you're at or higher have Fire Familiar tattoos. If you've a team where all minions have real HP you stand more chance of diluting their spread fire in ranged and having all your damage dealers surviving into melee. Where, if you're lucky, both the FB mage and his familiar will follow you and kill themselves with friendly fire....

Tyra December 9 2005 12:15 PM EST

Ok, so as far as I see it, I would switch my IF to a ToA to get my tank stronger.
Then I could keep the CoI on TMind, I would build up some HP with the enchanters too, improve CoC and St/Dex with Jaro. I would get more Dex by equipping elven Items to Jaro, get some DB and AG for Tmind too.

True ?

I switched the MCM to Tmind ovbiously, I just thought he couldn't use it . or would have to drop another item...

Tyra December 10 2005 6:30 AM EST

Ok You guys...
I did change the IF to a ToA.
Im doing more damage,but not as much as IF did before...
Anything else that might be improved ??

Tyra December 11 2005 8:23 AM EST

I think I did better before with the IF...
though now i can beat other ppl...

I am improving HP on Jaro, and unlearned ST and Dex
to improve BL. I have problems with DM Teams and FB Mages...
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