Christmas rewards? (in General)

MaLicious [Ascendancy] December 10 2005 10:24 PM EST

On christmas day is CB going to be doing anything special?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] December 10 2005 10:26 PM EST

hasn't in the past, as far as I can remember

QBOddBird December 10 2005 10:33 PM EST

Hopefully on Christmas day it'll have record low numbers logging in....if not, I pity you all. ^_^

WeaponX December 10 2005 10:55 PM EST

CBers are to dedicated to take a day off

Maelstrom December 10 2005 11:10 PM EST

Jon's Xmas gift to us all: shut down CB for the day, so we get to spend time with our families.


Wait, is that a gift or punishment? ;)

DAWG December 11 2005 1:59 AM EST

it would be nice I think if he was to announce a shut down period so we could all just lay off a bit... and also it would be nice if it was announced so we don't miss any play time...

MaLicious [Ascendancy] December 11 2005 3:57 AM EST

I don't want it to shut down i'm hosting the christmas party at my place just for that reason that I don't want to miss that much BA. Too close down CB for the day would be a waste of time and moeny on my part :(. I think I gift like 500 free BA or 5000 free BA

RAMPAGE December 11 2005 9:19 AM EST

At least Christmas is a Sunday this year so no clan points.
Take some time off with those you love.

MaLicious [Ascendancy] December 11 2005 11:57 AM EST

Sunday for me is CP still. I don't get break till 9pm Sunday night.
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