WTB: Coolest COW! (in Contests)

{CB1ate}aupStar December 21 2005 12:50 AM EST

Describe to me your bestest cow and I may just buy it from you! ^_^

Limit on the number of cows I can buy = 2.
I'll buy the coolest cow for 50k and the 2nd coolest cow for 25k.

Limit: one entry per person [post only a description of your best cow please]!

NB: Pictures/drawings of your cow would be mooooooovilous! ;)
G'luck! ^_^

I like cake! =q*

{CB1ate}aupStar December 21 2005 1:28 AM EST

Entries can be either a pic/drawing + description or just a description. I will not buy a cow without knowing about it first! Hence, I will not buy a cow judging by its appearance...I'm not such a shallow person...;)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 21 2005 1:36 AM EST

aup...did you bump your head again?

{CB1ate}aupStar December 21 2005 1:37 AM EST

can you kiss it better? =*

Maelstrom December 21 2005 1:46 AM EST

I'm not entirely sure what traumatizing thing happened to you, but do you mean something like this?

You did search in google, right?

{CB1ate}aupStar December 21 2005 1:51 AM EST

C'mon Maelstorm, you know I'm not a shallow person! You need to describe your cow for me! ^_^ i.e., tell me why you believe your cow is the most fabulous cow ever!! =)

GG Allin Lives December 21 2005 2:05 AM EST

Well because I can not figure out how to put the picture here.



{CB1ate}aupStar December 21 2005 2:08 AM EST

Just fixing it up for GG...=) By the way, I'd like a description with your pic! ^_^

GG Allin Lives December 21 2005 2:16 AM EST

*In best Crocodile Hunter accent*

As I was walking through the brush I heard some russeling through the way. As I looked out I saw this gorgeous creature. She must have been five feet tall and weighed a ton. Ahhhh so beautiful. As I neared her she looked me in the eye. I knew she was going to be a handful. She began to throw a few automobiles at me. A cadillac brushed my leg and startled my wife. I knew then that I had to take her down. I lunged at her hoping to throw her to the ground. She tackled me in mid air. As she stood atop me her magnificant utters shined in the light. She then broke out the air guitar and sang "Rock N Roll All Night and Party Everyday" and proceeded to lecture me on how Gene Simmons was the God of the Cows.
She left me broken....in the heart

maulaxe December 21 2005 3:02 AM EST

I met a cow one one fine day
the pasture smelled of fine cut hay
when or where I cannot say
but before me on the ground she lay

the feelings flared, and I cannot pen
all of the thoughts of cow-ish ken
like of how free it is outside one's pen

I met a cow one one fine day.

walked and talked into the night and then beyond
even stopping at a favorite pond...
those memories shall 'er be fond.

the pasture smelled of fine cut hay.

Then came the time to say goodbye -
we parted, with tears shown in eye
earned a place in my heart till when I die.

I met a cow one one fine day
the pasture smelled of fine cut hay
when or where I cannot say
but before me on the ground she lay.

Jakeman [The shire of Talmere] December 21 2005 3:26 AM EST

Jakeman [The shire of Talmere] December 21 2005 3:34 AM EST

Description for that pic ^

"She's a witch, BURN HER! ...wait, HIT HER WITH A TRAIN!"

QBPixel Sage December 21 2005 3:36 AM EST

Awesome, I have one in my backyard for sale. Here's a pic of it:

Its been Cone of Pwnd. Comes with free frozen milk! Great for milkshakes.

IndependenZ December 21 2005 4:18 AM EST

My bestest cow is this one right here: Bertha3000! She loves to sail and provides our entire community with a healthy mug of milk. I chose here to become my bestest cow because one characteristic in specific: She doesn't need much space! Just let her do her deflating-tric (obedience: shout "Empty!" to her) and you can safely store her away on a bookshelf!

QBOddBird December 21 2005 9:05 AM EST

The other cows might be interesting, but this cow is the coolest.

I first met him up at the corner of the street, standing there singin' something about mixin' his milk with some cocoa puffs. It was then that I knew that Cocoa Puffs would never be the same. I asked him about his milkshakes, and he informed me that his milkshake brought all of the opposite sex to the yard. I queried about being taught this milkshake method, but was informed that he'd have to charge.

We walked and talked for some time, and he told me about his dayjob = wearing a big purple hat to keep unfriendly strangers off of his "territory" and singing to get what little charity he could. I informed him of this contest on Carnage Blender, told him you would be a good master, and he's agreed to it. He is quite the singer, has many interesting stories to tell, and if you'll find him some sweet shades, he'd have a razzle dazzle look that no other cow could beat.

Please buy this cow. Do it for the calves - their pa sends them what money he can from his charity every month, but with a good, lasting, well-paying job like what you are offering, his calves will live well.

Thraklight Resonance December 21 2005 9:33 PM EST

Once upon a time there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road whacked a nicens little boy named Baby Tuckoo ...


I extend a complete and sincere set of apologies to James Joyce, of course, for using a classic line of literature in a way that Joyce never intended for it to be used. This is, of course, my favorite cow in the whole wide google, and I will happily sell it to you for a minimum bid of 25,000 and a preferred bid of 50,000. Weapons are extra, of course, and do not come with the cow. :-)

GG Allin Lives December 22 2005 2:56 AM EST

I was just curious as to when this contest ends?

{CB1ate}aupStar December 22 2005 2:57 AM EST

approx 48 more hours...=)

bartjan December 22 2005 3:30 AM EST

Free shipping included.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] December 22 2005 6:26 PM EST

think someone got thirsty
<img src=http://www.funny-games.biz/pictures/cow/sucks-udder.jpg>

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] December 22 2005 6:28 PM EST

k that didn't work hope it will this time

Thraklight Resonance December 22 2005 10:20 PM EST

Let me try this again.

Thraklight Resonance December 22 2005 10:29 PM EST

Just a quick addendum. While my cow will not come with its weapons, it is capable of producing four direct damage spells, otherwise known as moogic missles.

maulaxe December 23 2005 12:37 AM EST

are you going to be buying chickens in choppers next?

{CB1ate}aupStar December 28 2005 8:04 AM EST

Congratulations to maulaxe! His cow scored a whopping 700 on the moo-ohmetre!! =) I will definitely buy your cow for 50k!! Please send cow to aupstar...Thanks!

Also, a great big congratulations to Independenz! His cow scored a great 650 on the moo-ohmetre!! ^_^ Please deflate and send your cow to aupstar! I will send payment shortly! =)

Special thanks to AJ666 for helping me choose the the bestest cows! ^_^ P.S. Don't worry about OB's cow...She has been sent to a better place.......Switzerland..;)

{CB1ate}aupStar December 28 2005 8:07 AM EST

Sorry about the delay folks...My life's been real hectic...x( Hope you'll all find it in your hearts to forgive an idiot like me..=)
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