different people, same IP (in Public Record)

Flamey December 22 2005 7:27 PM EST

say if you had a little brother he was a n00b and wanted to play CB. and you only have 1 PC. both users would come from the same IP. you want to help him, by giving him a few items but you dont wanna because your scared of being banned.
if i gave him the items and keep helping him a bit would i get banned?

all im saying is that i think there should be another way of detecting multi's because i goto a public library with my friend we come up with the same IP but were not multi's.

please dont blast me with mean answers

QBOddBird December 22 2005 7:29 PM EST

Unfortunately, I asked the same question and was told not to do so. I had the same situation, except with the college's connection. Just hold back and don't give him a few items, give him advice instead. I know it sucks for those of us in that situation, but there are precautions that you'll just have to deal with.

Doc [girl power] December 22 2005 7:30 PM EST

He must start from the ground up like everyone else.

He may recieve items from another source though...but compensation must be paid. If its a rare or expensive item.


Flamey December 22 2005 7:32 PM EST

ok thanks i still think there should be another way to detect multi's

Special J December 23 2005 2:12 AM EST

then come up with one Flamey

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 23 2005 2:30 AM EST

There is no need for gifts any longer, the fastest best way to build a char needs no items or additional money.
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