8-hour cool-down period (in General)

Flamey January 3 2006 7:08 PM EST

why is it there?

Tyra January 3 2006 7:46 PM EST

well.. yea..
i think it is there to prevent ppl from switching gear to often...

but also I think that it kinda sucks when it comes to try things out...
and very much when You forgot that a tattooChange to another char unequipped that chars armor and stuff...

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] January 3 2006 10:01 PM EST

I'm just trying to re-equip my stuff. I forgot about the 8 hour and was moving stuff around so now my entire lineup is SOL since half of their equipment is sitting in the equip bay.

maulaxe January 3 2006 10:01 PM EST

It is to stop people from equipping different gear when they are not fighting.

i.e. having oversized armor and weapons that would make their rewards much smaller if they fought with them, but which would make it much harder to beat when attacked; and a different set of gear for when they log on and fight.

I agree with the idea, and understand why it is there, but I don't get why the cooldown is so long. it is already greater than the BA regen period...

But its there, its 8 hours, so just remember what will happen before you unequip. Living in a Jonocracy has it's little quirks : )

bartjan January 4 2006 12:36 AM EST

It may surprise you, but most people have not adjusted their sleeping cycle to the BA regen time...
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