Possible multi: DarkXIII / noregrets (in Public Record)

Dolphin January 12 2006 7:35 PM EST

DarkXIII seems to use 3 ip

noregrets seems to use 2 IP, both the same that DarkXIII

if you look at the transfers log of noregrets:

noregrets (DemonSlayer) DarkXIII (Anima) $140000 January 9 2006 11:52 PM EST
noregrets (DemonSlayer) DarkXIII (Anima) $200000 January 3 2006 11:43 AM EST
noregrets (DemonSlayer) DarkXIII (Anima) $325000 December 24 2005 1:23 PM EST
noregrets (DemonSlayer) DarkXIII (Anima) $150000 December 20 2005 6:40 PM EST
noregrets (DemonSlayer) DarkXIII (Anima) $300000 December 15 2005 6:10 PM EST

but I think this is very clear, look at the time, from DarkXIII transfers log:

DarkXIII (Anima) auctioneer (auctioneer) $1750000 (bid 45090) January 3 2006 11:45 AM EST
noregrets (DemonSlayer) DarkXIII (Anima) $200000 January 3 2006 11:43 AM EST

Riddick January 12 2006 8:37 PM EST

well since there are multiple ip's it could be a library?

im not admin or anything but its possible that they are hosting the game from a library computer's

Undertow January 12 2006 9:49 PM EST

At first I thought maybe it was some weird reverse loan.

No, that's a feeder.

QBPixel Sage January 12 2006 10:01 PM EST

So many multi threads going around lately... there some multi slaying contest I don't know about? Haha.

Anyways, I looked through the transfer logs. The same IP's as you mentioned and there are only transfers from noregrets to DarkXIII. Looks very much like a multi to me, but the admins have the final say.

When will these multis learn? I mean... the whole point of being a multi is so you can gain an unfair advantage by cheating, and it brings you closer to the top. The closer to the top you get, the more exposed you are, and the higher chance you have of being found out. Pathetic?

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 21 2006 5:15 PM EST

i also think this a multi

bartjan January 21 2006 5:18 PM EST

People keep on telling me this is a multi. Can you please stop doing that, unless there is more evidence?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] January 23 2006 9:43 PM EST

Talked to Dark about this friend on jan 14, seemed a bit defensive but the trans have stopped like I asked.
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