This proves I have no life (in General)

QBPixel Sage January 20 2006 9:53 PM EST

Unwanted Memories January 20 2006 9:58 PM EST

Alright!!! I want one, where do I send my money order??

QBPixel Sage January 20 2006 10:02 PM EST

For money order, please send to the following Address:

Pixel Sage
123 Fake St.
Sham City XY, 12345

Or order by phone by calling: 911

Unwanted Memories January 20 2006 10:04 PM EST

I tried to order by phone and some woman kept asking me to state my emergancy... I told her i needed the Carnage CD and she said they are coming soon

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] January 20 2006 10:06 PM EST

All rights and wrongs reserved....


QBPixel Sage January 20 2006 10:40 PM EST

The CD's should be arriving to your door any minute from an authorized man in a black suit.

YNM January 20 2006 11:10 PM EST

I got it i got it! Then my friends shouted "Fireball!" and i was all "Ouch newbs!" then they said "1337 h4xx0rz" then i said "Woah run!" then jon showed up and used the ultima magic...CREATOR! Then my friends were banned from i'm all alone...but i have CB!

c//: run crazylaugh

PirateKing January 20 2006 11:57 PM EST

Pixel, I tried to order via telephone but the only thing I got was a bunch of angry men in dark blue outfits banging on my door. :P

Shark January 21 2006 12:04 AM EST

Subject: " This proves I have no life"...hmmm no one needs to prove they have no life at CB, its the opposite young grasshoppah

QBPixel Sage January 21 2006 2:05 AM EST

Pirate, did they give you the CD you ordered? If not, I am willing to grant you a FULL refund.

PirateKing January 21 2006 2:23 AM EST

No CD, but they DID give me this really cool looking overcoat. It has these really funny, over-long sleeves and whole lot of really cool decorative buckles.

They also gave me a ride in an ambulance. :)

QBPixel Sage January 21 2006 2:31 AM EST

Dude, you means those ones that magicians use all the time? You could start a magic show! I want to see you disappear from the ambulance.
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