Can ya re-size, etc images? Help plz (in Off-topic)

Halcyon January 24 2006 7:42 PM EST

I need my proflie pic, edited (If it doesn't snow MY pic, just click, and it should)

I need first of all ... it sized larger, and secondly, would like the whole bedroom stuff removed, so it's MY pic .. not the bedroom, and I'm just standing there.

If someone could do that for me in their free time, I would appreciate it, thanks.

Sukotto [lookingglas] January 24 2006 8:27 PM EST

Making pictures larger almost never looks good. You would be better to post the biggest version you currently have on a service (like for example) and let people edit that. The larger the image is when you start, the better the finished (cropped, colour corrected, etc) version can be at the end.

Stephen January 24 2006 8:33 PM EST

The image is too small to enlarge without you looking like a heavily pixellated Nintendo character.

Maelstrom January 24 2006 8:39 PM EST

Unless he wants to look like a heavily pixellated Nintendo character... ;)

Halcyon January 24 2006 10:55 PM EST

If I gave you a link to the pic, from my webshell, would that sefice?

Stephen January 24 2006 11:01 PM EST

A link to the source would suffice, yes. Not sure what you mean by webshell, but post and you shall soon know if it helps.

Halcyon January 24 2006 11:08 PM EST

Ok, not much bigger .. but, yeah ..

Was taken with a cellphone, and sent VIA mail, so, whatever, thanks either way for all the responded!

I would have done it myself, but no photoshop, or anything like that, I'm such a lewzer :(

Stephen January 25 2006 12:02 AM EST

It was as I feared

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] January 25 2006 2:52 AM EST

now thats a blown up picture...=P ... I may try to do this for ya tomorrow bud.

QBPixel Sage January 25 2006 2:56 AM EST

Those above have good points. You can't make an image larger and expect it to be nicely detailed. Pictures are just square dots after all. Even with the latest version of photoshop, you can't magically make more detail appear when increasing the size. Its not smart enough to say "Hey, those few pixels look like its part of an eye, I think I'll add more detail to it now that the user is making the picture bigger." If only computers were that smart... anwyays, you'll get a blurry picture... or pixelated depending on your settings.

My advice to you: Get a digital camera, take a picture of yourself, and use that ;)

bartjan January 25 2006 3:03 AM EST

Maybe ask the makers of the CSI shows? They seem to have technology that allows you to zoom into even the smallest parts of an image (even if the image came from a low-tech CCTV camera) and "enhance" it, to show the tiniest details.
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