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Doom Lit Sky January 25 2006 4:40 AM EST

Anyone else here into Multi Level Moves?

I've been doing Martial arts for awhile now. I'm soon to be taking Gymnastics, and Break Dance classes, so that in a few years I can learn MLM.

I just picked up Hydroxy-cut, has anyone used it before? I haven't yet, but my brother has. He said the first time he took it, he didn't go to sleep until 1pm!!! (He is always in bed at around 11pm :S

If anyone else is into Martial Arts, or Health, should hit me up!

AdminG Beee January 25 2006 5:01 AM EST

And here was me thinking you'd found a new multi.

A quick search by user soon revealed that we have nobody going by the name Level Moves or working out. :)

InebriatedArsonist January 25 2006 5:07 AM EST

Hydroxycut contains a few "proprietary compounds," as the company website states. They do admit to including Gymnema Sylvestre in the mix, which has a slight danger of causing hypoglycemia in susceptible people.

As for the the insomnia, that might be due to the caffeine and guarana. If I'm reading the label right, each dose includes the equivalent of 200 milligrams of caffeine.

QBJohnnywas January 25 2006 5:42 AM EST

Hydroxy-Cut is only a legal variant of the old amphetamine based diet pills that doctors used to give out to housewives in the 1950s and 1960s. The same diet pills that the Mods used to guzzle to stay up all night. All it does is to make your metabolism speed up a bit more than usual, hence you burn more calories, losing more weight. But the long term effects of using supplements like this is that your weight loss is not natural, and therefore will be harder to maintain without keeping up the pill popping. And that's before you consider the possibility of long term damage to your liver and kidneys.

You could achieve the same results with a bit of hard work down the gym and eating properly.

Of course if you just want to use the Hydroxy-Cut to party all night that's up to you....

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2006 5:52 AM EST

What's a Multi Level Move?

Doom Lit Sky January 25 2006 6:32 AM EST

I don't plan on using Hydroxycut ALOT, I know exactly what it is, and the risks involved :). I have a lot of different supplements, Hydroxycut is just something I'm going to try a bit.

I don't use them to lose weight. Well not Directly. I use them for Energy while working out. I do not eat unhealthy food such as fast food, coffee, pop, etc. I run 3 times a week with 2 friends, and lift weights every other day. So it's Run/Lift/Run/Lift/Run/Lift/Rest. I also drink a LOT of Noni Juice. If anyone here knows what that is.

Multi Level Moves was founded by Joe Eigo, and combines Martial Arts, Breakdancing, and Gymnastics. Since Joe Eigo founded MLM, their style has been copied by several other groups such as The Ryoko Boys.

You can view 2 videos on the link above. The first one is the Ryoko Boys, the one under it is Joe Eigo, founder of MLM showing off.

Both videos are sweet.

That is what I'm learning.

molans[Grumpy] January 25 2006 6:53 AM EST

Your pressure goes up, heart beats go up and "a bit" can go large, depending what Your condition is.
If You do sports (as You do) it usually affects You more.
If You are 35+ PLEASE don't use it.

Doom Lit Sky January 25 2006 6:59 AM EST

17. I have never had any health problems. Injuries yes, problems no.
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