YAY My B-day is soooo soon AHHH (in Off-topic)

Doom Lit Sky January 25 2006 4:41 AM EST

I'm counting down the days.... Feb 1st AHHHHHHHHHH
Almost 18 :D

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2006 5:51 AM EST

18 is a little bit of a let down after 16... :( Now you can do things legally, and lose the thrill of trying to get into a club without being IDed! ;)

Doom Lit Sky January 25 2006 6:38 AM EST

HAH! I've been going to a local Casino for the last 2 years, I'm on a first name basis with most of the dealers :P I can't wait to walk in and be like, TODAY IS MY 18TH B-DAY!!!

It's going to be sweet!

Hey, I can still sneak into the 21+ clubs and bars, so it won't be too much of a let-down!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 25 2006 8:15 AM EST

We don't really have 21+ clubs here. They try it, but you can legally drink at 18 so it's too much hastle. :)

{cb1}dyno January 25 2006 8:57 AM EST

My 21st b-day is Feb 1st :D

Arorrr January 25 2006 11:37 AM EST

Happy B-Day to both of you, Doom Lit Sky and Dyno.

Now each of you own me 10K.

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