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[Jedi] Danludar February 6 2006 9:44 PM EST

Does anyone else here like The 69 Eyes, HIM, any other similar band from finland. I'm trying to find as many finish (not sure if thats the proper spelling for it) bands as possible cause the ones I've listened to I totally love to death. Just post up suggestions of bands to listen to if anyone knows any. I'm trying to expand my encyclopedia of rock music and I like the European scene way more than the U.S. scene and especially love bands from Finland.

{CB1}Lukeyman February 6 2006 10:27 PM EST

1. "Finnish" if im not mistaken.

and 2. Curiousity Killed The Cat.

Mem February 6 2006 10:48 PM EST

You aren't mistaken. I've always felt that the sauna couldn't ever be topped though, not even by Linux.

Stephen February 6 2006 11:13 PM EST

If sweating in a room full of naked men does it for you, you're welcome to it.

[Jedi] Danludar February 6 2006 11:19 PM EST

naked men isnt rock just shirt less guys moshing its fun ,but there's always the girls that love rockstars ,but yeah so no one really knows any bands I guess I'll keep waiting for an answer.

Stephen February 6 2006 11:36 PM EST

I was referring to a sauna.

Maelstrom February 6 2006 11:40 PM EST

I've never heard of the bands you mentioned, but how can you talk about Finnish rock and not mention Nightwish? If you don't know them, do yourself a favor and go... buy their CDs. They do very good melodic metal.

Another Finnish artist that comes to my mind is Jimi Tenor, though he's more into weird electro-funk.

Some decent bands from a Finnish compilation I have are: Kemopetrol, XL, Melrose, Velcra, and Rajaton.

I believe there is at least one Finnish CBer (check the Frappr site) who may be able to tell you some popular bands over there.

Maelstrom February 6 2006 11:41 PM EST

Mem and Steven, what are you talking about??

Maelstrom February 6 2006 11:43 PM EST

Sorry, "ph" not "v". Shows you how bad my memory is.

Mem February 7 2006 1:17 AM EST

I was talking about the greatest Finnish invention of all time-- the sauna!! I do also share quite an affinity for my grandfather, born of Finnish immigrants and thereby making me 25% (as far as those things go) Finnish. Forgive me for not naming any bands and straying from the subject.

I kind of wonder what U.S. scene that you've been listening to though, Danludar. The best stuff is made here in the States as far as I'm concerned, you just have to know where to look.

maulaxe February 7 2006 2:24 AM EST

I always thought of nightwish more as "opera metal" if that makes any sense. good stuff though. "melodic" makes me think of more background-type music.

Stephen February 7 2006 2:59 AM EST

I always try Pandora.com for music that's like music I already like

[Jedi] Danludar February 7 2006 6:16 AM EST

i do kno who Nightwish is I've heard their stuff and it's good but i just mentioned my two favorites. I cant believe you don't know HIM and The 69 Eyes.

Maelstrom February 7 2006 10:38 AM EST

Yes, Nightwish is often classified as symphonic metal, and sometimes "progressive" metal. The operatic vocals fall under that symphonic category. However, their music is always very melodic... almost to the extent of having a pop-rock smoothness.

According to Google's dictionary, "melodious: containing or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody". Any type of music can be melodic.

Danludar, I've heard of the band HIM before, but I don't think I've heard them. Never heard of the other. I normally find "goth" music overly moody and boring, though maybe I'll give them a listen...

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 7 2006 10:43 AM EST

Nightwish turned up late for their set at the Download rock festival here in the UK and then had the nerve to suck.
I'm not a huge fan but they were awful on the day and had to play through people chanting for Slayer (who are much better if you like that sort of music).
I'll be going again this year hopefully, The Prodigy are already confirmed :D

[Jedi] Danludar February 7 2006 7:15 PM EST

Well Mael there gothic sound but really great and yeah give HIM a listen there great too but the 69 Eyes are awesome for a gothic band. They sort of remind me of The Misfits cause it seems that is their idol and a big influence for them.

Maelstrom February 8 2006 10:51 AM EST

OK, I've given them a listen. HIM is just plain pop-rock to my ears. Nothing special about it at all. But I was quite surprised by The 69 Eyes - they're pretty good, and have the goth sound that is actually listenable.

I don't know any Finnish bands of that style, but there are plenty of good bands out there. For the goth sound, check out Joy Division, Clan of Xymox, and London After Midnight. For the metal sound, you might like My Dying Bride, Moonspell, Theatre Of Tragedy, Joachim Witt, Umbra et Imago, and Type O Negative. The groups Ikon and Collide are electro-goth. And since the late 90's Gary Numan has had a goth-metal sound.
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