NUB about to expire,look within to help (in General)

Flamey February 8 2006 1:26 AM EST

my NUB is going to expire in about 2 weeks. now i can only go on once a day so hard for me to make money.

1.)would it be worth it to make a NCB?
2.)does the BA cost go down with rewards when your NCB/NUB expires?
3.)i was thinking of halving my time into forging so i can save up a lot of money to buy some tasty gear for my minions. i know its "bad to forge with low MPR"

thoughts, suggestions?

bartjan February 8 2006 1:31 AM EST

1) You do not have the cash to make a NCB worthwhile.
2) Yes, by the same factor as your NUB bonus %.
3) See Stats->User / Clan to see how much NW increase you could make with forging. Roughly half that amount is the profit you can make with forging. As you want to forge part time, you need to half that figure again. Is that amount of cash worth the loss of potential XP/PR ?

When it comes to strategy, there is no difference at all between a char with NUB/NCB and one without.

Flamey February 8 2006 1:38 AM EST

how am i supposed to know how much NW increase i can get from forging. i went to user/clan it just has stats and stuff anything particular to look at?

and i know i can never make it to the top or anywhere near unless i get the internet.if i get it, i wont forge, i'll just fight and get up a lot.

bartjan February 8 2006 1:51 AM EST

The Forging for 24 hours (or 1 week etc.) stats. You'll notice that the top forger did a little over $500k NW increase in a day. But he has more PR and most likely did forge the entire day full time.
This means that you probably won't do more than 250k NW increase a day, or 125k profit. If you look further down that list, you'll notice lower PR characters on it, which means that it's very likely that you'll make less than that 125k a day.

Flamey February 8 2006 2:00 AM EST

thats all right, i think, i mean i make way less fighting and i will be doing this part-time

QBPixel Sage February 8 2006 2:03 AM EST

bartjan, thanks a lot for this info! I never knew how much I could make forging... anyways, I took a look at the stats and am a bit confused. Ammom has a relatively low MPR, but he's forging almost as good as linkzors. What's up with that?

sssimmo February 8 2006 2:04 AM EST


Flamey February 8 2006 2:07 AM EST

also another question. when it does expire, does the BA cost go relatively cheaper to my rewards than when it was with my NUB.

sorry for the bad wording

QBPixel Sage February 8 2006 2:07 AM EST

Dang, then the NUB really does a good job boosting forging efficiency, huh? I miss my NUB!!!

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] February 8 2006 2:27 AM EST

At your mpr you will make less forging than fighting unless you are picking your opponents poorly. Try to get on during money time to buy Ba.

bartjan February 8 2006 3:40 AM EST

As far as I know, the NUB/NCB bonus is applied straight to the battle rewards (except cash if NCB), BA cost and Forge progress (dunno if NCB boosts forge?).

This means that the choice 'fighting or forging' does not depend on if you have a NUB or not.

For forging, the only difference NUB makes is that screwing up an Adam forge cycle hurts a lot more ;)

Nightmare [NewNightmares] February 8 2006 4:06 AM EST

NCB doesn't have the forge bonus.
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