Is this a record? (in Off-topic)

Stephen February 9 2006 8:33 PM EST

Jonathan hasn't made any sarcastic posts since February 1 2006 5:52 PM EST, or any posts for that matter. Is this a record? ;)

WeaponX February 9 2006 8:40 PM EST

i honestly believe Jonathan is tired of CB. this is why i make the posts i make i figure maybe i can help him rediscover his creativity in CB.

Maelstrom February 9 2006 8:43 PM EST

I suspect he's busy with his work/family...

QBOddBird February 9 2006 9:44 PM EST

I take a week or three off from you guys every once in a while too, you know. You could always make a thread about me. ~_^

Seriously though, if he's gone for a little while, he may be busy, or he may just want a short break. Who can blame him?

Maelstrom February 9 2006 10:12 PM EST

Maybe we should hunt him down and force him to get back to CB? I mean, who needs work? Bills will pay themselves, right? ;)

RAMPAGE February 10 2006 5:32 AM EST

Maybe he is busy trying to fix the Black Market bug.

QBJohnnywas February 10 2006 5:36 AM EST

Maybe this is evidence of somebody with their priorities straight?
Work, family, RL?

I say we organise the town and march up to the castle, burning torches, pitchforks and all. It's just not natural!
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