Any interest for this? (in Off-topic)

{CB1}[umk]Fangs February 10 2006 3:15 AM EST

I recently received an awesome text-based boxing sim game called "Title Bout Championship Boxing". Anyone here heard of it? It lets you simulate all your boxing dream matchups (like a fight between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, etc).
Anyway, I was thinking of setting up a small tourney and I am wondering if people here would be interested to join it? I would like to have atleast 10-12 participants (more is even better).
I'll use a random boxer creator to create a boxer for each participant, and they will fight each other in a single round-robin format for the first round. The next round will have the top 8 fighters fight each other in a single elimination tournament bracket until only 1 is left and crowned the champion.
There will be an entrance fee of 50k cb2$ and the winner will take 50% of the pot. 2nd place gets 30%, and 3rd Place gets 20%.

Think of this as a more exciting kind of raffle. ;)

If enough people express interest here, I'll create a signup thread on the contests forum.
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