I am such a pudding head. (in General)

PirateKing February 10 2006 11:19 PM EST

Went to place a combat Gi in the rental store and clicked the bundle of slayer bolts I had instead.

I hate myself sometimes. :(

QBOddBird February 10 2006 11:23 PM EST

Pudding head.

/me sticks you in the refrigerator for tomorrow's snack.

Kent February 10 2006 11:33 PM EST

Is it even possible to loan bolts? Don't they run out (unlike weapons and armor)?

Kent February 10 2006 11:34 PM EST

I'd rent them and use them all! Bwahahahahaha!

th00p February 10 2006 11:34 PM EST

Can't you actually break a weapon by forging it wrong? that would be a good way to sabotage an item of someone you don't like...

QBOddBird February 10 2006 11:41 PM EST

/me wants some of whatever th00p's been smoking.

No, but you can lose progress if you forge wrong.

And if you *EVER* sabatoge something of mine....I'll bring a kitten to your house, let you raise it and grow to love it, then kill it.

SNK3R February 10 2006 11:52 PM EST

Mm, pudding.

Undertow February 11 2006 1:41 AM EST

mmm... kitten...

Maelstrom February 11 2006 1:45 AM EST

I knew you were a pudding head. Something about being a pirate. They both start with "p".

PirateKing February 11 2006 1:53 AM EST

*ponders whether or not Maelstrom would be as humorous with three feet of sharpened steel thrust through his midsection*

Hmmmm......... :P

Maelstrom February 11 2006 1:57 AM EST

I would! I really would!

err... wait, that wouldn't be a good thing, would it?


PirateKing February 11 2006 2:37 AM EST

I think it's a good thing. You may have another opinion. :P

Xiaz on Hiatus February 11 2006 4:19 AM EST

Pudding Head
PK, the child. Already showing signs of Pudding Headedness.

PirateKing February 11 2006 4:51 AM EST

Where's my eyepatch? :P

Maelstrom February 11 2006 10:45 AM EST

You had been using the spoon as an eyepatch, but your Mom yelled "cheese", and you took it away to look for more food.
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