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Doom Lit Sky February 14 2006 11:28 PM EST

This is just sort of a side contest, but here is the backround.
I've been playing cards since I was 13. Texas Hold 'em... PaiGow, Omaha, 7card, w/e. In my lifetime, I've never seen or gotten a Royal Flush (live).

Last few days I've come so close to hitting it at the Casino several times... First it was the 9-k Straight Flush, then AKQ10 suited.. and several other variations. Now I HAVE made a few hundred a night from the bonus of these good hands, but It's incomplete without that Royal....

The first 5 people who wish me luck on the Royal Flush will receive 100 usd upon me hitting it at the Casino. Cheers.

sssimmo February 14 2006 11:30 PM EST

Good luck on Royal Flush!

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] February 14 2006 11:31 PM EST

Good luck on a Royal Flush!

th00p February 14 2006 11:31 PM EST

Good luck with the Royal Flush Doom!!

QBBarzooMonkey February 14 2006 11:32 PM EST

The Holy Grail of Poker hands! I wish you luck on your quest for the Royal Flush, Sir DLS :)

Stephen February 14 2006 11:33 PM EST

Good luck on the Royal Flush

Kent February 14 2006 11:37 PM EST

I would have said something other than a wish for your luck, but taking $100 that I couldn't receive anyway would be just cruel.

Anyway, good luck on completing your collection of winning hands.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] February 14 2006 11:40 PM EST

Good luck anyway, I have had one. Too bad I was only playing for like 30 bucks.

Doom Lit Sky February 17 2006 1:31 PM EST

Ok, did I play this wrong?

Ok, I was big blind (3 bucks, 8 people on the table) Person to my left raises to six, everyone calls, I re-raise(9), he raises(12), is re-raised(15). (I'm not sure how, but some rule came into effect making the cap 15, instead of 12)

I was sitting on King(S) Queen(S).

Flop: 5(S) 9(S) Queen(H)

Checks all around, I check-raised. Was re-raised, which ended up back to me at 9 bucks, with 3 people gone. I called.

Turn card was a 8(S), landing me with a king high flush.

I check raised, everyone left called (9).

River came out: Jack(S)
(5s, 9s, Qh, 8s, Js)

I raised to six bucks, everyone called till the person behind me, who raised to 9, I re-raised to 12, everyone folded, and he called.

The pot is now sitting at: ~260 bucks...

He has Ace(s) and 2(h)....

Who the heck plays suicide till the river with that kind of a draw...

Such crap.... (I hope I typed everything right)

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] February 17 2006 1:35 PM EST

Ouch, maybe he was trying to bluff and got lucky.

QBJohn Birk [Black Cheetah Bazaar] February 17 2006 2:17 PM EST

Not knowing the players, etc. in 20/20 hindsight, maybe that check raise on the flop made some non-believers. Check raising again after the 3rd spade, might have sent the wrong signal as well. Normally that's great portraying your hand as weaker than it really is, in this case you got rivered out. My bet is he called because he didn't think you had a flush, obviously he had the nuts after the fourth spade, and we all know why he called there (why he didn't take the last raise I cannot say)

Halcyon February 17 2006 2:20 PM EST

The fact that the ace WAS the kicker alone, as well as 3 cards into an ace high flush, which he would nearly gurentee to win if it came to multiple flushes ... that explains that righ there. I see the logic .. sorry.

Madlib [CheaperForge] February 17 2006 6:38 PM EST

hehe i know how you feel i see people playing hands like that all the was pretty clear the A2 should have folded before the flop (atleast i would with a raise to 12 bucks) But since he stayed in and the turn also was a spade there was no way he could have folded there such a big pot and 9 outs (not counting your cards because i don't think he read you)

But i normaly play no limit and i would have bet pot when i got the flush
just to make sure no one would have called

QBJohn Birk [Black Cheetah Bazaar] February 17 2006 8:05 PM EST

Im off to try my luck at cards, if I get a Royal Flush I will let you know ;)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 18 2006 6:17 AM EST

I'm surprised about that first round of betting. If you were playing Hold 'Em there is usually a limit of 3 raises, why was a 4th allowed?
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