Voice Chat in CB??? (in Off-topic)

demonzx February 18 2006 2:03 AM EST

Hey I had a cool idea... What if there was a chatroom that had voice chat? i know there would be some problems like, for example, alot of people talking at once. Well, whoever starts talking first gets priority over all other people until he/she is finished. And i know cursing come to mind when thinking about this... well this is what I think. One or two warnings tops, and you are banned from the voice chat. And this is just another random thought regarding voice chat, what if Cb sold cheap microphones for lets say $15-20? That would generate revenue and allow more CB users to talk... Well tell me what you think!

P.S. I posted this in general forums also. I wasn't sure which one to post in, so I posted in both.

QBPixel Sage February 18 2006 2:17 AM EST

You should probably have only posted it in one, since now there are two identical threads when I press "Active threads".

Anyways, this sounds like a nice idea, but its half-baked. How would you be able to tell who's doing the cursing? Why would someone bye microphones from CB when they could get it in a million other places? Who would host the voice chat?

It'd seem really neat to do something like this, but it probably just wouldn't work. Maybe if we all got macs, we could video chat! Fun =D

[T]Vestax February 18 2006 2:26 AM EST

Deleted your duplicate post in general. One in active threads is good enough.

SNK3R February 18 2006 2:30 AM EST

Didn't some people have a very similar idea, but did it with Team Speak? I believe Max was the first to attempt this. From what I heard, G_Beee and a few others were on it every now and then. I'm not really sure if something like this would catch on as a fad, though.

[T]Vestax February 18 2006 2:30 AM EST

First, as for voice chat, I do believe it's been done before. All someone needs to do is set up their own team speak server and pass out the server location. As for the CB merchandise... I'd rather we didn't sell cheap low-quality mics.

Stephen February 18 2006 2:35 AM EST

Didn't Max have team speak on his CB site?

demonzx February 18 2006 2:45 AM EST

Well, I was thinking (regarding know who is talking) if people would download maybe a patch or somthing, when a person speaks there name would be displayed somewhere. What I am trying to say can be seen in Yahoo chat. If you go in there and a preson is speaking you will know what I mean. And plus, admins for the room will be able to see the approiate stuff. I've never been an admin, so I do not know what the features admins get, but it could work out. Or if not just a general chat, make a clan chat where they join a room just for the people in the clan, and they can talk. Maybe to make money, Cb could charge a clan for having a room like this, I dunno. Yeah the microphone idea was bad, but I thought of it at the last second, and it never hurts to say somthing that may be plausable. But I think this would be fun. If a clan or group of CB people made an independant site for voice chat, that might work too, but it would be more costly. Or maybe (I am just throwing out ideas) Cb could make a site just for voice chat that people could subscribe to... Well that is all I can think of for now...

[T]Vestax February 18 2006 2:48 AM EST

I hope you like programming in Java...

demonzx February 18 2006 2:54 AM EST

Are you a CB programmer? Well personally, I have had experence in HTML, CSS, and Java. I hate them all. I prefer action-script. Never heard of it? Well it is the language in Macromedia Flash. I'm making a huge site in Flash right now. I am a animator and I am going to make a site with some random animations and a weekly series. Flash makes things look pretty... All others are ugly, and stupid. If you want an expame of what can be done with Flash, go to www.joshuaart.0catch.com I am not advdertising or anything, but my friend Joshua made this site using Flash. Check it out and you will know what I mean...

demonzx February 18 2006 2:56 AM EST

Sorry about spelling error above, I just hit confirm... Whoops...

{CB1}-Mokaba February 18 2006 4:43 AM EST

So, why not put the cam up as wel, then we really know who is at the computer playing this game. :)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] February 18 2006 5:46 AM EST

dark_gift from the days of old used to have daily sessions of "stare at dg's webcam on MSN and poke fun"
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