All your base... (in Off-topic)

chappy [Soup Ream] February 21 2006 6:35 PM EST

are belong to us click here to see

IndependenZ February 21 2006 7:14 PM EST

The Official Obligatory Annual All Your Base Post

Move zig, move zig...

AdminG Beee February 21 2006 7:24 PM EST

Alternatively, as every newb multi likes to think.

All your BA's are belong to us.

QBBarzooMonkey February 21 2006 7:25 PM EST

G Beee set up us the bomb!

Unappreciated Misnomer February 21 2006 7:35 PM EST


chappy [Soup Ream] February 21 2006 8:12 PM EST

LOL where was I when that first post was around .. wow I didn't realize that was in there lol..

[T]Vestax February 21 2006 8:25 PM EST

Ahhh... fond memories indeed. Makes me wonder how long ago it was I first seen/heard this.

maulaxe February 22 2006 2:27 AM EST

was that back when you invented the internet?

QBOddBird February 22 2006 10:49 AM EST

Al Gore?

CmdrHawkeye February 22 2006 12:16 PM EST

Didn't someone already post about this? I admit it is still funny but if you do it to many times it will cease to be.

Oh well.

IndependenZ February 22 2006 12:21 PM EST

I already linked to that thread in my post above, Hawkeye. :)

For great justice...

Shinji [take the money and run] February 22 2006 12:43 PM EST

I like cats.

CmdrHawkeye February 23 2006 8:20 AM EST

a little off topic aren't we shinji?

IndependenZ February 23 2006 8:51 AM EST

"Cats" is the evil villain in Zero Wing, Hawkeye! :p
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