Increasing BA cap (in General)

Flamey February 24 2006 1:27 AM EST

i like this idea because i am a person that cant play very often so it would make my progress larger.

really i dont know whats wrong with this so blast away at me and tell me its the worst idea ever and its been suggested before

Special J February 24 2006 1:28 AM EST

It has been suggested more than anything else.

QBPixel Sage February 24 2006 1:31 AM EST

It will sure make your progress larger, but it will make everyone else's progress larger, meaning you won't climb any higher than you are now. Kind of pointless, no? You might as well keep asking for higher BA cap until you get to infinite BA, where anyone can reach the top just be having no life and fighting all day on their comp.

Flamey February 24 2006 1:35 AM EST

no i think that the people in the top clans who make like 4k CPs day it would give them not much more, seeing as how they buy all their BA and some spend all their days on the computer(no offense). what will they benefit from the BA that is stored up while they sleep?

PirateKing February 24 2006 1:42 AM EST

If Flamey gets a BA cap increase then I demand the Firearms and Explosives that I've been hounding Jon for since February, 2002. :P

Flamey February 24 2006 1:45 AM EST

ok me and PK are getting our BA cap, firearms and explosives whether you like it not. or else:P

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] February 24 2006 1:45 AM EST

Actually Pixel a higher Ba cap would help those of us that don't login every 3-4 hours and can't access CB while at work or school. Being one of those people however I think the Ba cap is fine where it is. It rewards those who invest the time it takes to reach the top.

sssimmo February 24 2006 1:57 AM EST

Sorry Flamey, no offense intended but this is how it is:

Every single argument has been thought of and brought forward with this issue. So there is no reason to go over old ground, it isn't going happen. Now I'm sure SNK3R will come along with eight dozen links to different threads on this issue so that no one else has top waste their time talking about it.

AdminG Beee February 24 2006 4:27 AM EST

FAQ > BA > No.2

Q: Then why is there a cap of 160 accrued BA?

A: Letting BA accrue (store up) when unused rather than being wasted means you don't have to be logged in to CB every waking hour of your day to be competitive. However, someone who doesn't play for a month (to give an extreme example) shouldn't get thousands of fights when he comes back; that's unfair to people who've been active that whole time. A cap of 160 is a nice balance between zero and unlimited accrual.


There's the answer:
160 is a nice balance between zero and unlimited accrual.

Shidoshi February 24 2006 7:29 AM EST

Personally I think the BA cap should be the equivalent to a full days BA worth. So a new player getting 10 BA per 10 minutes would get a cap of 1440 BA. Veterans getting 8 BA per 10 minutes would have a cap of 1152 BA. It changes to suit your level of experience. This way there's no stress or watching the clock for the next log in time, just once a day is fine for those who can't do otherwise.

CmdrHawkeye February 24 2006 9:27 AM EST

so your saying BA should be progressive as in as you level you get more. not a bad idea but that also rewards those who play all day and are at the top while putting those who do other things at a disadvantage. I personally think the system is fine the way it is. As they say " If it isn't broke don't fix it."

SNK3R February 24 2006 10:27 AM EST

Like previously mentioned, it's been suggested many times before without any change to the system. Some users have even suggested some clever ways in changing the BA cap; the most common idea is just to increase the BA so more time is allowed between BA cap intervals. However, the ideas weren't good enough to sway Jon, so that's why they haven't been implemented yet. :)

References: [1], [2], [3], [4], [6]

PirateKing February 24 2006 10:48 AM EST

That is NOT eight dozen references, SNK. sssimmo promised you would bring eight. :P

SNK3R February 24 2006 10:54 AM EST

If I put 8 dozen, Special J would edit my post for it "be[ing] pointless". Aside from that, I didn't feel like rummaging through every thread. By the way, all but one of those were from only the CB2 forums. Imagine if I had gone through all of the CB1 threads. Ouch. :(

Sukotto [lookingglas] February 24 2006 11:01 AM EST

I volunteer to to have my BA cap (or regen rate) cut in half and have my rewards doubled. It could be a supporter option.
BA regens over 2 hours = normal rewards
BA regens over 4 hours = double rewards
Or even longer if the rewards are adjusted appropriately.

CmdrHawkeye February 24 2006 11:06 AM EST

If you make it a supporter perk you would probably make people want to become supporters more so and then Jon would make more money off CB. You should be his financial advisor haha.
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