Find me a game!!!! (in Contests)

BootyGod February 26 2006 2:14 PM EST

I am looking for an online text based game. It cannot be have downloading or disks involved. Also it should not require constant supervision (I cant log on every two hours and if I cant compete without doing that I dont want to hear about it). Whoever gives me the best game gets 50k. If I end up playing more then one game I will give 50k to the donors of both games. The games Carnageblender2 and DarkThrone are taken so please do not post them. If there are any questions post here PM or CM me :).
thanks very much for your help everyone.

QBPixel Sage February 26 2006 2:19 PM EST

Kings of Chaos

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] February 26 2006 2:26 PM EST

SNK3R February 26 2006 2:26 PM EST

Vagabond's Quest

Maelstrom February 26 2006 2:28 PM EST

Vampires, The Dark Alleyway - kind of a dull game really, but you start off with one action point every 30 minutes, so it doesn't take much time to play.

ScY February 26 2006 2:38 PM EST good strategy game....hard to be good at...good for time too...turn based and much of fun check it out

BootyGod February 26 2006 2:41 PM EST

oh and of course it must be free. Not part time but permanently free.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] February 26 2006 2:46 PM EST

Dead Awaken-You can play as either a human or a zombie. I've just started and it seems pretty cool so far.

rufen February 26 2006 3:07 PM EST

Torn City- Crime Based, level your character by training in the gym, committing crimes, and attacking other players. And more.

Renaissance Kingdoms-(Literally takes 15 minutes a day to play. Kinda hard to grasp but once yout is pretty easy.) Create a character and through interaction with the community and world around you can level him/her up through the rankings and choose his/her path in life.

EdeNDarK February 26 2006 3:37 PM EST

Jail riot
Shimlar (Only works with Internet Explorer.)

The first one is slow-paced, logging on once or twice a day is enough.

bartjan February 26 2006 4:02 PM EST

Please, no referrals...

Sentinel February 26 2006 4:34 PM EST

Pardus. (graphic )

Maelstrom February 26 2006 4:40 PM EST

Bart, I thought the "no referrals" rule was meant to stop people from making threads with the explicit purpose of getting people to click their referral links. In this case, a link with a referral should be just as good as one without...

[AM] Severe February 26 2006 6:10 PM EST

I just started playing this game like...20 min ago...seems's about becoming the best gangster in the city you pick and you can travel to other city...i don't know much yet..but it's fun :-) will fail a lot at the start though...It's pretty fast should come check it out :-)....the site is

House February 26 2006 11:44 PM EST

torn city....torn slow paced game or time large tech tree also slow paced

Stephen February 26 2006 11:56 PM EST

TEQ at

Flamey February 27 2006 12:03 AM EST

ARENAscape based on runescape.

you get 500 turns they fully recharge in 3 days and 11 hours.

so you only have to log on every few days.

the website

Drakon(DS) February 27 2006 7:36 AM EST
best one of this kind out there and my personal favorite

JAFO February 27 2006 7:47 AM EST

Vampires! Players move around on a grid of tiles, drinking blood from other vampires and humans to progress. There are quests, guilds, as much or little interaction as you want, no cost, and not much time required to play.

JAFO February 27 2006 7:53 AM EST

vampires! is at

[T]Vestax February 27 2006 8:24 AM EST

Or you could get to Vampires through a much smaller link below. :P

JAFO February 27 2006 8:37 AM EST

yeah, but then i'd lose credit for the referral... so :P I just couldn't get the html tag work to make a link..

BootyGod February 27 2006 4:51 PM EST

Due to the amount of recommendations it will take me a few days to play them all. But I want to thank everyone for posting who already has :).

empty orchestra February 28 2006 5:52 AM EST

urban dead - "A Massively Multi-Player Web-Based Zombie Apocalypse"

GO PATS February 28 2006 6:12 AM EST

I know you said no downloads, but if you have G Mud or Z Mud or any MUD client, try

Unwritten Legends... VERY DEEP and SERIOUSLY ROLEPLAYING Text Based Fantasy MUD... Best one I've ever played... If you are serious about a MUD, it should be this one.

Elf X.7plus35k February 28 2006 10:27 AM EST

bight fight [incase you hadn't guessed the name of the game and no i didn't post my referral link though i could have some of us are not selfish like that ;)]

Gender Bender February 28 2006 2:53 PM EST

faedarklight March 7 2006 12:28 AM EST Not sure if you are still looking, but this is might be your cup o tea

Rizz March 7 2006 12:31 AM EST is very nice :)

SNK3R March 7 2006 12:31 AM EST

I totally forgot about this thread. Has he even had time to play them all and state the "winner"?

[T]Vestax March 7 2006 12:33 AM EST

Only if people let the thread die. :P

BootyGod March 7 2006 4:06 PM EST

No I have not. I am still going through and no offense but I like very few and have stuck with none. I will probably just randomly picks who wins. Sorry everyone my taste in games is very limited I guess. Also the more in depth games did not get played long because I simply cannot try to play everyone one of them. I will announce it within the week

Kefeck [Demonic Serenity] March 7 2006 6:30 PM EST

I do not no if this was already suggested but
(club Penguin)

Elf X.7plus35k March 13 2006 5:57 PM EST

did we forget about this thread again?

BootyGod March 13 2006 6:57 PM EST

I hope not I am still trying them out. I hope I wont need too much longer.

AdminNightStrike March 16 2006 12:25 AM EST

Remember L.O.R.D. (Legend of the Red Dragon)? It's back..

Days last for 12 hours real time, so it's easy to keep pace with normal life. It's extremely expansive, pays much homage to the original, very well done meshing with the browser (plenty of hotkeys, so you don't need to click everywhere), tons of secrets. Very nice overall.

Sukotto [lookingglas] March 16 2006 1:45 AM EST

You can play Nethack online. Many people consider it the ultimate text game.

You can play in your browser (requires Java):
Or using telnet: telnet://

You can even watch other people's games if you want.

Nethack offers:

Elf X.7plus35k March 17 2006 6:19 PM EST

at what point do people stop sending in entries? you said like a week ago you'd have the winner within the week but people keep sending entries and nuffins been posted on how long it will take yet or anything...

Bartman March 17 2006 9:24 PM EST

Try Evernight! It's a MMPOG that's easy to learn but hard to master.

It's not text based but turns are scheduled every 24 hours so you can log in anytime to make your moves. Games are scheduled for M-F, 7days or weekends, depending on what your schedule is. You just play the games that suit your schedule.

Good Luck!

Nakmirax March 17 2006 11:53 PM EST

One of my personal favorites has been Aardwolf mud It's very easy to get into and the people are very helpful, in addition the site links to fan sites that are very good at helping out people who are just starting off.

Sukotto [lookingglas] March 18 2006 12:47 AM EST

wow MUDding. I haven't done that since I used to sneak into the university vt100 labs. Good times.

PantherLord March 18 2006 2:00 AM EST

Hi new at this text stuff but i would like to tell you about bots2 (very addicting Game) thou carnageBlender is more fun Bots2 u have unlimted fights and there are just like like carnageBlender 100's of thousands of people playing there are clans and weapons and some people are actually very nice i made One one the blue server there is also a green server the site is well i hope you have a fun time cause i had a great time with bots2

Sukotto [lookingglas] March 18 2006 10:31 PM EST

I'm sure Jon wishes he had 100's of thousands of people playing :-)

On CB we have a little over 5300 registered users with about 500 people logging in during a given week. And not all of those people are actively fighting or forging.

Zephyr March 20 2006 4:37 AM EST

A game I've been playing for a couple of weeks is Legend Arena. Its pretty simple game really. You get 1 turn (stamina is what they're called) every 20mins and you start out being able to hold max of 150 turns and you could either increase or leave it as is, however you want it. So its about 70turns a day you'll get so only need to log on about once a day (which is recommended if you join a clan and try to gain WPs - find out about these ingame too lazy to explain =P).

URL is (sry dont know how to do linking =P)

Smartmuck March 20 2006 5:11 PM EST

Don't think this is exactly what you want but you should check out or Dragon Court. Fun, fun game. :)

YNM March 21 2006 7:35 AM EST


Somebody March 23 2006 11:13 AM EST

hey, i've played , for a long time, its actually nice with also atacking people, and you can increase the rate of your attack generation, so you can also play at a really slow phase :p

Elf X.7plus35k March 28 2006 4:10 PM EST

did we forget about this again???

BootyGod March 28 2006 5:56 PM EST


Lumpy Koala March 29 2006 4:36 AM EST

since you didn't specify it has to be RPG, here's my all time favourite:

Earth 2025

They are fun ! :D

SNK3R April 23 2006 6:38 PM EDT

We've still yet to hear about the result of this contest.
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