Question for macintosh users (if any) haha (in Off-topic)

CmdrHawkeye February 28 2006 8:29 AM EST

I am looking for a new virus scan (I currently have Mcaffee virex but I don't like it.) Can anyone recommend a FREE virus scan that is actually decent for me I would appreciate it

Thank you

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] February 28 2006 8:42 AM EST

What do you want a new scan to do that your current one does not? What would you like to like better?

CmdrHawkeye February 28 2006 8:43 AM EST

Well Mcaffee has a bad habit of when you get a virus it just tells you and then does nothing else. I want something that will deal with the virus if and when I get one.

QBBarzooMonkey February 28 2006 9:11 AM EST

I haven't seen an actual Mac virus since "The Worm" of 1996 - I don't even run virus software on my Macs anymore...

QBsutekh137 February 28 2006 9:56 AM EST

Macs are relatively virus/malware free, but there are exploits.

Here is an open source free virus scanner for OSX: ClamXav

Other than browser exploits and such, I have not heard of any real virii on OSX. I have been using a Mac for about 3 years now, and no problems at all simply running behind my NetGear router.

By the way, "virii" is not in the spell checker.

CmdrHawkeye February 28 2006 11:20 AM EST

Hmm.... everything you say is true so yeah I really don't need one so I guess Ill just stick with what I have thank you for all your help.

bartjan February 28 2006 11:37 AM EST

Mushu: here is why that word is not in the spell checker.

QBsutekh137 February 28 2006 1:00 PM EST

Interesting. Indeed, "virii" is not in the online Webster dictionary at all! Learn something new every day!

QBPixel Sage February 28 2006 2:33 PM EST

I use a mac! Though I've never had to deal with viruses, there have recently been two worms (within a month) that if modified could cause major damage. One of my friends said there already was one that messed up Safari.

The virus-free mac age is coming to a close...

Revs March 1 2006 1:47 AM EST

Most recent exploit comes through iChat, and is pretty ruthless. So I think it pays to be safe. As said before, that carefree Mac using time is coming to an end. It had to happen someday, and best to be prepared.
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