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QBPixel Sage February 28 2006 6:07 PM EST

Post your ideas on the newly released Apple products!
Visit for more info.

1. Intel Mac Mini:
2. iPod Hi-Fi:
3. iPod Leather Case:


1. Intel Mac Mini: Not bad, nice increase in speed, up to four times faster (with "up to" being the key words). Didn't like the price increase, however. I expected them to add the new Front Row stuff, so that's no surprise.

2. iPod Hi-Fi: Apple, I'm highly disappointed in you. That's the worst designed product I've seen, next to the eMac. Maybe Apple's making LOTS of room for improvement in design in the future? Haha.

3. iPod Leather Case: Wow! Such an awesome case! I'd buy it for... $15. (hint: for the oblivious, it costs $100.... or $99 if you will.)

Maelstrom February 28 2006 6:18 PM EST

1. I don't care for Macs
2. Looks OK, but overpriced and too specialized.
3. $100, and you can't even see the iPod screen? Worthless.

CmdrHawkeye March 2 2006 8:52 AM EST

1. I use a mac but not by choice it is a work computer and Mac mini is something I could do without.
2. Ipods are a waste of money if I want to listen to music anytime, anywhere I can turn on the radio to my car (cheaper)
3.Even if I did have an Ipod or wanted one I might get this case.....IF it were 15 or less dollars. (I agree with you Pixel).

Overall Mac is dead to me. I use one only cuz I have to and macs are good for graphics which happens to be why I got this comp. When I studied 3D animation it was nessicary.

QBsutekh137 March 2 2006 9:51 AM EST

[DISCLAIMER: I am all Mac at home, a 20-inch iMac (Power PC) is my hub for Internet, computing (what little I do of it), VPNing in to work, music, and video (except TV and straight DVDs). I also own a third-generation (click wheel, no color/video) iPod, my second iPod.]

1. I always thought the Minis were over-priced before. Great form factor, but now they cost even more? For 500-700 bucks I can buy a damn fine PC tower (with flat-screen LCD!) and just hide it away somewhere...
2. Already been done by about a million companies. I also think the Hi-Fi looks...well...ugly. It just looks like a speaker, or the front-end of a Buick. I found it strange that the Wall Street Journal gave a whole article on the Hi-Fi when such products (more stylish ones, I might add) have been around for years. Why I should I trust Apple to make nice stereo equipment when other renowned companies have already done so?
3. Leather case - yeah, way too much money for that. What are they going to do, make a leather case for the Shuffle (a device that costs $99) that runs $79? Am I the only guy who compares price of protective covering to the price of the device itself? If the iPod had a busy/ugly design, then maybe. But when the iPod is already a work of art? I'll pass.

AdminJonathan March 2 2006 5:29 PM EST

1. price increase is a big disappointment to me

CmdrHawkeye March 3 2006 10:53 AM EST

There is a controversy about I pods causing loss of hearing. All I have to say is what do you expect I see people with the darn earbuds in their ears all day everyday so no wonder they are going deaf. You can fix this by amazingly turning down the volume..........stupidity is so funny.
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