Technology reaches a new low. (in Off-topic)

CmdrHawkeye March 3 2006 10:58 AM EST

check out this article I found.

Weird Technology

AdminG Beee March 3 2006 11:16 AM EST

I can imagine the queues outside the gents would actually be longer than the queue outside the ladies for a change.

PS. I sorted the link ;-)

Maelstrom March 3 2006 11:21 AM EST

"Published: May 2, 2003, 10:44 AM PDT"

Very old news. And I dont think it's happened yet.

bartjan March 3 2006 11:28 AM EST

Microsoft's response to this article

CmdrHawkeye March 3 2006 12:03 PM EST

First off I saw how old it was and I found the article saying it was a gag as well, more importantly is was sposed to be their for a good laugh not to critique. Jeez you all have no sense of humor.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 3 2006 12:28 PM EST

:D Brilliant!

And the queues would be longer... And the loo paper run out faster... :/
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