Well... so much for that HoE (in General)

PirateKing March 6 2006 6:57 AM EST

Blast. Got caught with low funds, and someone plopped down an absurdly huge opening bid. Oh well, may we can get the black market to spawn another one before the end of the decade.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] March 6 2006 6:59 AM EST

Lol, should have seen it was coming and saved up some money like I did. Now if only I can win it without spending too much;)

PirateKing March 6 2006 7:01 AM EST

Yeah, with the Corn/AG fixation in the BM voting, I'll have plenty of time to save for the next HoE.

QBJohnnywas March 6 2006 7:04 AM EST

I don't think Chelon's going to have too much trouble outbidding people: $15,385,025.....

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 6 2006 7:08 AM EST

a character with 600 score isn't helping my clan though >.<

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] March 6 2006 1:10 PM EST

Flamey and I have both wanted that HoE to spawn for something like a month. Neither of us could afford it either. Just keep voting for it in the BMVG, and we'll be at least another two votes towards it. I just post whatever has the most votes in the BM, then whatever has the most votes in the voting thread. Just look how many times Flamey voted for that Helm. Things just... kept popping up. ^_^;;

Yes, another will spawn before the end of the decade, you're so melodramatic, PK!
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