Just bought a new shirt... (in Off-topic)

SNK3R March 6 2006 5:31 PM EST

The picture above is on the front of the shirt. What do you think? Don't you just wish you can hit ctrl+z in real life sometimes?

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 6 2006 5:33 PM EST

lol, nice!

bartjan March 6 2006 5:44 PM EST


Stephen March 6 2006 5:51 PM EST

Undo, Linuxboy!

bartjan March 6 2006 5:55 PM EST

Undo is u, CTRL+/ or CTRL+_, depending on what editor you're using.

AdminJonathan March 6 2006 5:56 PM EST

C-x u

SNK3R March 6 2006 5:59 PM EST

Jon, we should do you a favor and take a sledge hammer to your Mac. ;)

SNK3R March 6 2006 6:05 PM EST

Uh, I was informed by a very reliable source that Mac != Emacs. So, uh, I ctrl+z that Mac comment since I would have hoped Jon would be smarter than to use a Mac. :P

Stephen March 6 2006 6:12 PM EST

Both Firefox and MS office have undo as Ctrl+z. That's on windows.

bartjan March 6 2006 6:16 PM EST

I'm puzzled why MS decided to break a decades old tradition of key combination without any reason to do so.

Stephen March 6 2006 6:24 PM EST

MS create their own proprietary traditions!

Doom Lit Sky March 6 2006 6:47 PM EST

Bill gates doesn't like the U key.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 6 2006 6:51 PM EST

Because Ctrl + U is underline? :/

bartjan March 6 2006 6:59 PM EST

CTRL+U is delete entire line.

Maelstrom March 6 2006 7:09 PM EST

C-x-_ is undo on my Emacs...

RedWolf March 6 2006 8:37 PM EST

That's great, where'd you get it?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 6 2006 9:20 PM EST

esc, u

bite me emacs boys

Maelstrom March 6 2006 9:35 PM EST

But back on topic, SNK3R it's about time you get a new shirt to replace that blue dress shirt you've been wearing for a year or so! ;)

SNK3R March 7 2006 12:12 AM EST

RedWolf: Threadless T-Shirts - Designer Clothing Submissions - Tees, Tshirts and T shirts!

Mael: Yeah, I've been thinking about getting some of my jazz pictures and uploading one of those. I'm sort of getting tired of that picture as well. It's been up probably for more than a year. Mushu was nagging me about it, too. ;)
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