velvetpickle Aboy Loan (cont.) (in Public Record)

velvetpickle March 8 2006 12:42 PM EST

The previous thread regarding this loan was closed, so I will continue all records of payment here. 3,255,000 was owed at the end of the old forum. Once this ammount is repaid by me, (CB1)Atomicboy will permanently transfer ownership of the Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu (Named AG's that are being used as colateral) to me.

velvetpickle March 8 2006 12:44 PM EST

payment for 755,000 made, 2.5mil remains

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 13 2006 2:13 PM EST

2 625 000 owed.

velvetpickle March 15 2006 12:02 AM EST

625000 transfered 2 mil to go

velvetpickle March 20 2006 2:43 AM EST

1 mil transfered 1 mil remaining (WOW didn't think I was ever giong to get there)

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 20 2006 7:08 PM EST

1 050 000 owed

velvetpickle March 23 2006 10:30 PM EST

This loan is PAID!! The remaining balance of 1,050,000 is being rolled over into a new loan with Atomic, or will be paid in full tonight.
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