Massive Sale Results... (in Public Record)

Relic March 9 2006 12:20 AM EST

Winning Bidders

Id Description Item Stats Networth Buy Now Price Current Bidder/Bid
1 A Mithril Chain Mail [28](+35) 748,820 TBD Twisted Fate/1.2mil
2 A Mithril Chain Mail [28](+33) 611,252 TBD Twisted Fate/1.1mil
3 Death Armor (TSA) [22](+50) 9,172,658 TBD Ranger/4.75mil
4 A Cloak of the Istari [6](+10) 483,555 TBD Twisted Fate/1.2mil
5 A Shimmering Cloak (EC) [4](+10) 1,069,576 TBD chelon/1.5mil
6 A Pair of Alatar's Gloves [0](+8) 135.529 TBD Darkwalker/2.4mil
7 Gloves of Shadow (EG) [3](+12) 1,233,146 TBD [CB2]edyit/1.6mil
8 The Crown of Queen Pasiphae (Corn) [0](+10) 6,107,385 TBD {cb1}jayuu/54USD
9 The Crown of King Minos (Corn) [0](+10) 6,107,385 TBD Bariagan/4.6mil
10 Beacon of Immortality (Corn) [0](+8) 1,863,550 TBD BarzooMonkey/4.2mil
11 A Helm of Ecthelion [6](+15) 1,502,280 TBD Pixel Sage/32USD
12 A Cornuthaum [0](+5) 326,903 TBD Pixel Sage/32USD
13 A Mirror Shield (MS) [20](+38) 1,439,163 TBD Borderliner/900k
14 Zomby Woof (MgS) [0](+36) 2,858,056 TBD Pixel Sage/18USD
15 A Buckler of Mandos [10](+8) 35,222 TBD House Shannara/375k
16 A Pair of Displacement Boots [0](+20) 292,414 TBD Pixel Sage/14.50USD
17 NEWTurbo (DB) [0](+66) 5,473,832 TBD Pixel Sage/37USD
18 A Blacksword of Nan Elmoth [92x80](+50) 8,663,361 TBD Ranger/3mil
19 A Blade of Thuringwethil [73x80](+44) 7,919,367 TBD Ranger/4.2mil
20 A Vorpal Blade [75x50](+35) 2,813,968 TBD Moosh LooLoo/1mil
21 A Vampiric Hammer [84x120](+115) 66,243,928 TBD Mikel/375USD
22 An Elven Long Bow [6x95](+50) 16,319,363 TBD Twisted Fate/5.2mil
23 The Diminishing Machine Crossbow (ExBow) [4x30](+36) 2,035,549 TBD Pixel Sage/10USD
24 An Assassin's Crossbow [4x37](+119) 24,424,697 TBD Unclaimed, will sell with CB2
25 An Awesome Spider-Man Backpack (RoS) lvl 1,556,000 32,404,502 TBD chappy/144USD&7mil
26 A Fire Familiar lvl 99,470 1,671,832 TBD Twisted Fate/750k
27 A Tattoo of Endurance lvl 28,520 432,360 TBD Jokers2587/300k
28 A Rune of Enlightenment lvl 20 11,030 TBD zeplin/10USD
29 Character Havoc MPR 985,169 N/A TBD {cb1}Bull3t F4c3/1.7mil

Payment can be made in CB2 and/or USD, or a combination of the two. My paypal address is Please send me a CM once payment has been sent and which character you would like the item sent. I will notify you of any xfer costs you need to send over before item will be sent. Please CM me with any questions.

Bariagan [Demonic Serenity] March 9 2006 12:30 AM EST

Bariagan (Belkram) Matrim (Havoc) $4600000 -- For Corn 12:29 AM EST

Send to Belkram

Jokers2587 March 9 2006 12:33 AM EST

Jokers2587 (Jokers/minion) Matrim (Havoc) $300000 -- for the ToE! 12:23 AM EST

I have recieved the ToE!!!! Thanx for the auction Matrim.

Bariagan [Demonic Serenity] March 9 2006 12:34 AM EST

Corn received, many thanks.

chelon March 9 2006 12:49 AM EST

chelon (ElvenBlackMage) Matrim (Havoc) $1500000 let me know transfer fee.. shoulda said sales end when thread close... i came back 10mins before 12 for last mins bid but thread closed >.<

Relic March 9 2006 12:50 AM EST

I updated the thread along the way and did say the sale would close when the thread did. Sorry that you missed it. :(

QBPixel Sage March 9 2006 1:00 AM EST

Thanks Matrim, best of wishes in that non-CB world =D

chelon March 9 2006 1:04 AM EST

cloak received thx. Whats the transfer fee?? i have to pay that too right?
over 160 post... i am too lazy to read it all. oh well as least now all i need to spend is 1.5 instead of 15mil ^^

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] March 9 2006 2:35 AM EST

Hi matrim!

yesterday i told you that if i was unable to get a corn, i would bid on the both up to 4,6 millions...

you say ranger has won with only 4,2 millions?

well, it is up to you...

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] March 9 2006 2:41 AM EST

hi matrim

it is again me

you say jayuu won a corn with 54 us that's 4,5 millions cb

you did not take into account my message yesterday?

Relic March 9 2006 2:44 AM EST

I am sorry UltimaSpock, but I never agreed to proxy bid for anyone. :(

UltimaSpock [Forge Frog Services] March 9 2006 2:51 AM EST

i am sorry too. i posted a message in the fs forum but nobody wanted to help me... life is hard sometimes...

Destitute Turnip March 9 2006 5:19 AM EST

I just thought i would say, you said USD are 12 to 1 mill, Pixel sage bided 32 USD on the corn +5, then i bided 2.7 mill, 2.7 mill is 32.4 USD

Adminedyit [Superheros] March 9 2006 5:21 AM EST

[CB2]edyit (Storage for my Stuff) Matrim (Havoc) $1600000 -- for EG's
Thanks Matrim best of luck to you in RL.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] March 9 2006 6:14 AM EST

Borderliner (Ix Tab) Matrim (Havoc) $900000 -- MS to Ix Tab please. 6:12 AM EST

GO PATS March 9 2006 7:19 AM EST

Moosh LooLoo (Kampfverband) Matrim (Havoc) $975000 7:18 AM EST

For #20 Vorpal Blade...
I owe you 25,000 still, sorry, I loaned for a bit less than I needed! I'll send the rest ASAP...

Darkwalker [Jago] March 9 2006 8:15 AM EST


Darkwalker (Zandagarth) Matrim (Havoc) $2400000 -- Purchase of AGs 8:15 AM EST

Relic March 9 2006 9:40 AM EST

Destitute Turnip, your bid came in 3 mins after the close of the thread. Thus, it was not honored.

March 8 2006 11:25 PM EST <----- Your bid time.

Sorry friend. :(

[Unrivaled]Twist Of Fate [SeeD] March 9 2006 10:59 AM EST

Twisted Fate (Tybleo) Matrim (Havoc) $9450000 -- For #'s 1,2,4,22,26 10:58 AM EST

Paid in full thanks, Matrim.


GO PATS March 10 2006 7:32 AM EST

Moosh LooLoo (Kampfverband) Matrim (RubberMan) $25000 7:31 AM EST

Finished paying for #20 Vorpal Blade... sorry it took so long, thanks.
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