Find me a name, win a name! (in Contests)

QBBarzooMonkey March 15 2006 4:19 PM EST

It must be Wednesday afternoon, because I'm bored again...

I want to name either Shamus Jon's Trollskin Armor, or his Mage Shield, I haven't decided which yet.

Give me a name for either, or both, and make me go "Wow, I wish I had thought of that". If I pick your name, I'll name 1 item for you (because I need to name 2 things at once, of course).

I'll even cover transfer fees for you to loan the item to me when we're ready, with the exception of tats - if you want a tattoo named, the transfer fees are your responsibility.

Deadline for entries is this Saturday at noon (server time), and multiple entries are okay.

Game on!

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] March 15 2006 4:25 PM EST

Bristled Arctic Coat - TSA

Flamey March 15 2006 4:27 PM EST

bye bye Mage! --MgS

Hakai [Aye Phelta Thi] March 15 2006 4:52 PM EST

Totally Safe Achille's heel- TSA

Tantalizing Seductive Allure- TSA

Direct Damage Denied- MgS

(Meh, give me a few hours, I'll come ups with something much better I'm sure, lol)

Sukotto [lookingglas] March 15 2006 5:09 PM EST

A chainmail loin cloth - tsa
A shield of reflection - MgS

What sort of theme interests you?

Rizz March 15 2006 5:10 PM EST

Armor Of The Golden Troll - TSA
Goblin Armor - TSA

Shield Of Resistance - MgS
Invincibility - MgS

Maelstrom March 15 2006 5:11 PM EST

TSA: A St. Bernard-skin Coat

MgS: A St. Bernard's Brandy Cask

xwindsx [Shifty] March 15 2006 5:31 PM EST

wazzz uppppppp

QBOddBird March 15 2006 5:35 PM EST

MgS = Holmes' Old Magnifying Glass
The Mirror of Revealing
A Reflection of Truth
Antimagic Shield (you know, instead of Antimagic Field)
Leash of the Mages

TSA = Droll Skinned Armor
A Burgandy Coat
The Pelt of the Foe
The Revealing Muscle Shirt
Vampiric Trollskin Aura
The Wolves' Fleetness of Foot
A Canine Cuirass
The Wolven Wardrobe

If I think of more, I'll put 'em here.

QBJohnnywas March 15 2006 6:29 PM EST

TSA - Moomintroll's Coat

IndependenZ March 15 2006 6:29 PM EST

Jaws of Steel
Jaws of Iron
Impenetrable Teeth
Impervious Teeth

For either the MgS or the TSA. :)

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 15 2006 6:32 PM EST

MgS == a properly seasoned dog dish
TSA == receding hairline

[T]Vestax March 15 2006 6:36 PM EST

MgS = "Tank Shield"

TsA = "Tattoo of Troll Strength"

sssimmo March 15 2006 7:18 PM EST

TSA - Beer Belly
MgS - Lucky Clover

Doom Lit Sky March 15 2006 7:33 PM EST

High Templar's Armor - TSA

Roenall March 15 2006 9:32 PM EST

MgS Shield of the Istari
TSA Faelor cloak

sssimmo March 15 2006 10:11 PM EST

BM you HAVE to name something "Lucky Charms". The boots, or the MgS :P

{CB1}Lukeyman March 15 2006 10:25 PM EST


Sukotto [lookingglas] March 15 2006 10:44 PM EST

sssimmo, he should name whichever one will get him more unsolicitated requests to sell them. Then he can say "they're always after me lucky charms!"

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] March 15 2006 10:50 PM EST

Just name either one "Patti O'Furniture"

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] March 15 2006 11:02 PM EST

TSA - Chainmail of Conall Cernach
MgS - Dagda's Wooden Shield


AdminNightStrike March 16 2006 12:18 AM EST

Mage Shield: Trolls' Skin
TSA: Mages' Skin

Flamey March 16 2006 12:30 AM EST

-U can hurt me!

TSA- Strength of the Nile(River)
-i didn't kill a troll to get this armor (that might be too long i dont know)
-Too much ST(or Strength)
-Too Much ST for you

Brackets are extensions.

TrueDevil [AAA] March 16 2006 2:22 AM EST

TSA : - Demon Vest - Jaguar Suit - Millenia Armor - Mumbane (best armor in Tales of symphonia/legendia if you play console RPG) MgS : - Heavenly Guard - Impact Guard - Aura Shield - Magical Reflector Just wondering if you have particular interest to other video game or movie or something else, so that we could probably try to use the name from that video game/movie.

TrueDevil [AAA] March 16 2006 2:30 AM EST

Oops, that didn't come out right.
- Demon Vest
- Jaguar Suit
- Millenia Armor
- Mumbane (best armor in Tales of symphonia/legendia if you play console RPG)
MgS :
- Heavenly Guard
- Impact Guard
- Aura Shield
- Magical Reflector

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 16 2006 6:33 AM EST

Call the MgS "The Blarney Stone" forgive spelling if incorrect :)

Darkwalker [Jago] March 16 2006 9:39 AM EST

TSA - Jessica Alba 's micro-mini skirt

MgS - Jessica Alba 's see-thru coat

Ammon [The Black Tower] March 16 2006 10:49 AM EST

TSA-Panther's Coat
Ghost Armor
Black Wolf Chain
Beserkers Chain
Ragers World

MsG- Raven's Wing
Crows Claw
Shield of Death
Death's Brother
OtherWorld Shield
Calmers infulnce

QBOddBird March 16 2006 10:51 AM EST

TSA - Your MOM
MgS - Goes to College.

I would consider that the coolest thing ever.

QBBarzooMonkey March 17 2006 9:34 AM EST

Just over 24 hours left!

And to give ya'll a tiny little better insight, my very favorites so far have been submitted by:

Karmic Mishap


Bull3t F4c3 March 17 2006 4:56 PM EST

TSA deaths entrapment
MGS mirror of pain

chappy [Soup Ream] March 17 2006 5:01 PM EST

TSA - Pomer-Mail
MgS - Flea Guard

QBOddBird March 17 2006 5:03 PM EST

Perhaps if I knew the theme or what I was trying for, I'd be able to help more.

Vicious Cat March 17 2006 5:14 PM EST

Tunic of Self Awareness - MgS
Mega ghost Solidness - TSA

QBOddBird March 17 2006 5:16 PM EST

A Reflective Dogtag - MgS
Jon's Strength-Enhancing Vest - TSA

Ragatag March 17 2006 5:55 PM EST

TSA: A Evil Bunny Coat
Mageshield: A Ear piece

AdminG Beee March 17 2006 8:16 PM EST

Beee's wax jacket - TSA
A Ganoidei Anorak - TSA, because Troll's love fish... duh!

Notostraca - MgS
Clypeus - MgS

Of course if you want your monies worth (letter / $) then you've gotta go for:
Parathelypteris novae-boracensis - MgS.
Just don't try and say it out loud before a battle or you'll miss the first three ranged rounds :-)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 17 2006 9:06 PM EST

TSA: Extreme Body Armor
TSA: Metal Skin Implants
TSA: Fetid Moose Carcass
TSA: Old 286 Case
MS: Blood Soaked Pillow
MS: Large LCD Screen
MS: Thinly Veiled Insult
MS: Baked Potato Wrapper

QBBarzooMonkey March 18 2006 3:48 PM EST

It's time to judge this one too! This one is all me, so I'll just announce the winner(s) as soon as I decide.


chappy [Soup Ream] March 18 2006 3:50 PM EST

/me inserts a well-timed drumroll....

QBBarzooMonkey March 18 2006 9:57 PM EST

Okay, I've decided on multiple winners.
Johnnywas wins because I must name the TSA "Moomintroll's Coat". I decided that one the moment I saw it posted...

I decided to add a second winner. Sefton wins because I am going to name the MgS "Dagda's Wooden Shield". Google Dagda sometime - the story about the stew is one of the best myths I've ever read :)
My decision to have a second winner was sealed because he also gets an extra honorable mention, as I may name Shamus Jon's HoE "The Helm of Conall Cernach"

I added one more winner, because the suggestion literally made me laugh. sssimmo wins because I'm going to name Shamus Jon's Elven Boots "Lucky Charms", because, well, they're magically delicious! :D

All 3 of you guys can contact me at your convenience to coordinate namings. Thanks to everyone who participated! I may do this again sometime to rename some of Regan The WonderDog's items... :)
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