The "BarzooMonkey's Next Big Contest" Contest (in Contests)

QBBarzooMonkey March 21 2006 7:44 PM EST

Okay, I know the Comedy contest isn't quite done yet, but this one isn't really very big in itself. What I'm looking for is the idea for my next big contest.

Between now and midnight Sunday evening/Monday morning, the contestant who comes up with the idea I consider best and decide to use for my next big prize contest gets $100K.

Pretty easy, huh? You can post here, or CM me if there is supposed to any surprise involved in your idea.

Game On!

QBOddBird March 21 2006 7:46 PM EST

Find a complex forum and place a picture of Waldo (from Where's Waldo?) somewhere within it. Then, have the players search through the forum until they find the post. Perhaps put a secret message with the post that they have to quote so you know they found it? Either way, it'd be highly original.

...and by complex, I mean absolutely full of threads and topics/subdivisions, etc.

rufen March 21 2006 7:47 PM EST

Two words: Rap Battle

Rizz March 21 2006 8:10 PM EST

a pg rap battle? that out to be interesting..

but as for my suggestion, i'd say funniest botcheck.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] March 21 2006 8:46 PM EST

hardest botcheck (I have a ringer I'm saving for this one)

worst possible grammar contest (basties mind will blow and kill us all)

liver n onions eating contest

monkey knife fight

[T]Vestax March 21 2006 8:59 PM EST

A PG rap battle with Bast as the judge? Proper spelling and grammar in a rap battle? That *ought to be even more interesting.

Seriously though. That contest was already done and, if I recall correctly, Sefton won.

Since you already started with funniest CBer you could always just continue on with other superlatives. Such as "most popular", "most likely to succeed", and "least likely to be sober when posting".

I, on the other hand, would rather see a contest on who can give the most compelling argument for or against United States support for the International Criminal Court... in leet speak.

Behemoth399 March 21 2006 9:31 PM EST

Have people find the funniest pic that they can or a pic to do with CB

Maelstrom March 21 2006 9:36 PM EST

A programming contest? You supply a problem, and the winner is either the first to finish it, or the one with the best/fastest/nicest/etc code.

rufen March 21 2006 9:48 PM EST

Mathlete competition?

QBJohnnywas March 22 2006 7:30 AM EST

I've just watched the Tim Burton film Big Fish; how about a tall tale/ campfire stories competition? You know the ones, you're sat around a fire at night toasting marshmallows and either out to scare your listeners or tell them the tallest tale?

QBJohnnywas March 22 2006 7:33 AM EST

Another one: The Carnage Blender Theme Tune. Every group of oddball misfits has to have a theme tune! Ours will have to be lyrics rather than music, as befits a text based game.

The Monkees had one, why can't we?!?!?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 22 2006 7:35 AM EST

"i'd say funniest botcheck"

I win! I've just got what you do to that annoying cat (watch out Bast! :P )

Punt // Puss

Bye bye cat! :D

{CB1}Lukeyman March 22 2006 2:47 PM EST

Who can write the best story relating to CB!

QBBarzooMonkey March 22 2006 5:28 PM EST

Taken from the Biography Suggestion thread:

Guardian of the Glen, 11:45 AM EST

My user name is Guardian of the Glen. My character name is Whyspersym . My minions are all fairy names. I find it a little disappointing that no one can read where I took inspiration to create my characters from.
I would like to know how to share my bio other than cutting and pasting. There are several characters I would like to read.
Any ideas or suggestions?

BarzooMonkey, 11:59 AM EST
Best character biography! Great idea for a contest!!! ;)

I am giving Guardian of the Glen credit for this entry because I absolutely adore the idea :)

QBBarzooMonkey March 25 2006 2:16 PM EST

Just a day-and-a-half-left bump :)

Ammon [The Black Tower] March 25 2006 8:50 PM EST

hehe, I know one thing if you want that as a contest I may have a fairly long one

Tezmac March 25 2006 10:42 PM EST

How about something along the lines of a "best video or picture" contest where people upload real unaltered photos that somehow relate to CB? Just a thought, lets see some photographers in action!

OBSoCutie March 25 2006 10:59 PM EST

Perhaps best CB2 skin? Worst name change? (I win!!!)
How about, who can write the biggest conversation in 1337(leet) speech? Also, funniest botcheck would be amusing =)

flamewind March 25 2006 11:25 PM EST

Why not appeal to the many sects of the CB community; best flash animation, best program, best graphic design, best 3d image, etc., all relating to CB.

Dudley Dotson March 26 2006 7:17 AM EST

Bah Riddle contest

QBBarzooMonkey March 27 2006 1:02 PM EST

Guardian of the Glen wins, because if I get around to another big contest, that's the contest I'm going to run.

Thanks everyone for all of the great ideas! :)

BarzooMonkey (Penultimate Days) Guardian of the Glen (Whispersym) $100000 -- Contest idea winner! 1:00 PM EST
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