Hahahaha disbanded! (in General)

Revs March 24 2006 7:50 PM EST

So thanks to Tez, we keep the name. However, just b/c we had a problem with a couple scores that dropped us negative real fast, I have a couple issues with this
1. That's a crazy fast process. It started this morning and by the afternoon we were already disbanded. Shouldn't it be at the end of the week at least?
2. Now I have to wait 48 hours to get back into the clan that I created, that's ridiculous. We let go of two people to get the score back up, shouldn't there be a 24 hour grace period to at least correct the problem to get the overall score and bonus positive again?
3. This is too easy to exploit, a couple people could join a clan, get ppl to attack them, and get the clan disbanded by the afternoon, that shouldn't be possible.
4. I don't really have a 4th point, just wanted a nice even number. =]

So post your comments, feel free.

Cylo March 24 2006 7:54 PM EST

I agree. I had a person quit a clan when they had negative points and it just shot us in the wrong direction. At the time I didn't know what to do. So dummy me I kicked an inactive member and made the problem worse. I fought all the ba I could and even bought ba to try to stop the bleeding. That didn't help and the clan was auto-disbanded in just a few hours time.

Tezmac March 24 2006 7:56 PM EST

Exactly what happened to us, it's a total crock. When you drop someone, if you lose all the positive points they provided, then all the negative points should be dropped as well, its a huge double whammy. Any chance of me joining Supreme or Battle Royale? hehehe :O)

Stephen March 24 2006 8:01 PM EST

"When you drop someone, if you lose all the positive points they provided, then all the negative points should be dropped as well"

You don't lose either. They just make no contribution from the time you dropped them.

Clan standings are calculated hourly (or so) and your net position at that point wasn't good enough to avoid autoretire.

Just moderate your clan and be more choosy who you allow in.

Tezmac March 24 2006 8:03 PM EST

We sure as heck lost something.

We were sitting at around -1k, and when Rev dropped 2 people, all of a sudden we were at -5k or so.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] March 24 2006 8:03 PM EST

yea, i've seen people have CP's even though they weren't in the clan anymore.

Tezmac March 24 2006 8:15 PM EST

Actually, after thinking about it for a bit, you're probably correct Steven. But I swear our score was low, then it dropped even lower once the other 2 people were gone. Memory....failing....going....senile...

Tezmac March 24 2006 8:16 PM EST

Stephen that is. Grrr, I quit for the day, brain not functioning.

Revs March 24 2006 10:25 PM EST

Still getting my brain around that. Think with me here:

2 negative scores
Subtract a negative from a - Net scr
According to all laws of math I know should = positive.
Apply the positive to the current score and it should move more to the positive.

Seemed to make sense to me till the disband.

Ragatag March 24 2006 11:53 PM EST

if you guys disbanded a rank 6 clan eggplant would invite you to join

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] March 25 2006 1:09 AM EST

I'm sure we'll get Templar Invictus back up and running soon enough! Although I must say, I am planning on enjoying this little break from clan life.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] March 25 2006 3:15 AM EST

It is calculated at the end of the week, did you not read the chatmail which clearly states "for having a weekly net score of lower than -1,000"?

Revs March 25 2006 3:28 AM EST

Of course i knew it was the end of the week. Hence removing players contributing to the negative. But clan cp's run through the end of Saturday night, so why would I think it would be calculated Friday in the middle of the afternoon? *sigh*

Stephen March 25 2006 3:35 AM EST

It's a rolling 7 day period, i.e the previous 7 days net clan points, not a week ending on Sunday. If at any time it falls below -1000 then adios

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 25 2006 3:48 AM EST

The NoV auto disbanded quickly after our highest scoring member left. At the time I wondered if his CPs were no longer being counted, which dropped us under the auto disband limit.

But I'm not sure it works like that. :/
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