Potential PL Strategy (in General)

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 25 2006 7:00 PM EST

It works like a time bomb basically. I Have experimented it on training day and it seems to work quiet decently. If I didn't lose alot of my mpr with my retraining i think it would be pretty good. It works like this. train a single mage char to around 700 or 800k then hire an AS enchanter. Keep fighting till the NCB runs out. Concentration on the mage should be in DD spell and as little hp as possible. The AS enchanters should be either purely AS with maybe a small AMF. It is also important to have lots of exp in PL on the enchanter to reduce damage to the mage. Once NCB is up hire a new minion. The cheaper one is better since we just need the minion to be there. 2 new minions would help even more. From my calculations around 700k in PL will cause 160k of damage to be absorbed. That should allow you to train PL on the new minion and maybe a bit of as or ga or something. eventually the strategy should look something like this

Minion 1 - PL - Small AS
Minion 2 - PL - Small AS
Minion 3 - PL - AMF - Large AS - ROS
Minion 4 - ALL EXP in CoC

I am able to absorb huge DD spells all ranged. Once melee hits my CoC goes off and since its so big it overwhelms amf and just rocks. Basically all the mage has to deal with is amf and ga and is immune to hits. With a CoI and AG on the mage it can pretty much 1 hit kill minions in melee. It is very very vulnerable to ToE- I get owned up.

Karn March 25 2006 7:05 PM EST

I like your idea. I was thinking something along those lines but to use a familiar instead. The thing that you mainly have to watch out for besides antimagic is guardian angel, it will kill your mage since PL minions do not absorbs that type of damage.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 25 2006 7:11 PM EST

with your as the mage only has to deal with amf and ga. I am sure if i wore some armor I would last so much longer. I could also put DBs on my meat enchanters along with armor. I like how the mage is doesnt have to deal with attacks

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 25 2006 7:18 PM EST

ok i decided instead of small as on minion 1 and 2 - use amf and dm
That would let you deal with GA and other nasty stuff.

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 25 2006 7:22 PM EST

another interesting thing. when you have 2 PL minions and one get dealt damage that would kill it. The other minion absorbs enough to keep it alive. Thereby prolonging the fight.

Zhakrin [Knights who say Ni] March 25 2006 9:06 PM EST

"Minion 1 - PL - Small AS
Minion 2 - PL - Small AS
Minion 3 - PL - AMF - Large AS - ROS
Minion 4 - ALL EXP in CoC"

"ok i decided instead of small as on minion 1 and 2 - use amf and dm"

Your problem here lies in equipment. PL is a skill so you can't use a Corn (10% penalty to skills) if you train PL on a minion with AS, or any other EO/ED (minion 3, perhaps even 1 and 2). Unless you use Elven Gear to negate that penalty (but with a PR increase).

Second problem: MM. MM targets from back to front, so your only damage dealer (minion 4) dies first. You'll have to switch an enchanter to the back to make your COC mage last a little longer.

The ROS only grants a bonus to ED-spells like AS, not AMF, so when equipping a ROS you want to maximize its rewards, so drop the AMF on minion 3, but you already saw that, didn't you?

Now, seeing you have to switch an enchanter to the back, and since you're using AS, you want that Enchanter to take the damage. So why not train PL on that one. If it's targeted by MM, the PL is useless, but if the first minion is targeted, it makes your last minion another meatshield.

I'm not really sure about the perfect use of PL yet, but I have the feeling that using PL on a single minion, upping it with Elven Gear, will have a greater impact on your game than using it on multiple minions with a penalty (like the -10% of a Corn).

Atomicboy [The Knighthood] March 25 2006 9:56 PM EST

you dont need an enchater in the back. With PL all damage is absorbed to the PL minions. The PL trained on my enchanters can absorb 170k damage. That more then tanks can hit in my MPR and more then fb mages can hit when damage is spread across 3 minions.

chelon March 26 2006 1:37 AM EST

First 2 minions should be DM/GA AMF. Sooner or later your third minions AS will catch up its not necessary to waste first 2 minions ED slot. or maybe make 2nd minions FB or CoC mage to finish off 20hp E.
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