BM vote (in General)

Roenall March 27 2006 7:25 AM EST

Taking suggestion on what should spawn next.

DB,AG,CORN already have some vote on them.

Bolfen March 27 2006 7:39 AM EST

Blade of Thuringwethil

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 27 2006 8:10 AM EST

Still got the 'you've already voted this week' bug. :(

chernobyl March 27 2006 8:19 AM EST

DB have a lot of votes (23) so we should spawn them next.

Ammon [The Black Tower] March 27 2006 9:56 AM EST

I agree DBs next

AdminG Beee March 27 2006 10:09 AM EST

Typically I vote for the item closest to completion, however I think in this instance a vote for a Steel Brigandine (only 3 more votes required) would be wasted :)

It looks like I'll vote for either the Displacement Boots or Alatar's Gloves depending on which is closest to spawning when my "already voted" status clears.

someone[onabreak] March 27 2006 10:09 AM EST

DB's it is ...

weren't we going to do a corn at some point?

Darkwalker [Jago] March 27 2006 10:51 AM EST

i suggest that we all start off with DBs, followed by EBs then lastly followed by corn...

everyone understood? everyone agreeable?
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