The Battle of Alatar: Chapter 6 (in Off-topic)

{CB1}Lukeyman March 28 2006 7:47 PM EST

Chapter 6

      Mem stared out across his vast lands, the sun glinting off his black worn armor, watching his Memonites tare down houses and slaughter people to the ground. He walked though the blood filled streets of Hyrule Castle. Mem's brother, Mikel, walked over to him.
      "Brother, we have captured the king, and slayed his servants, our men are now taking the gold from the coffers."
      "Good Mikel, now, let us get away from these massacred streets and back to our home land."
       Mem and his Memonites travelled back across the lands to his home land of Thuringwethil, while his pet dragon began devouring the rotting bodies in the castle.

      Red and Dark sat at the table with Sir Leon, Th00p and Desy, and ate a wonderfully cooked meal. Steam was pouring off of the duck they ate, and the pie for dessert was seemingly prepared by culinary angels from heaven, with golden brown crust and suculant fillings. It was all so good, Red found it hard to leave behind.
      "Your majesty, I am sorry, but myself and my friend Dark should be leaving your beautiful kingdom soon, we have a quest to finish, and cannot stay here for much longer.", said Red.
      "Oh, well, that's too bad, I was hopeing you would stay for a little longer, but oh well, let me give you some provisions for your travelles.", replied King Th00p.
      "Come you two, you can get ready to leave in my room, lets go.", said the princess.
      So Red, Dark and Desy went off to her chambers to get ready to leave, while Rufen the cook prepared some meals for them to take with them.

      When they got to her room, Sir Leon was gone to his chambers to have a little rest, and princess desy jumped on her bed and layed down. She told Dark he can go into the side room on her left and he can get washed up.
      "I don't want you to leave Red.", said Desy.
      "I know, but I must, I have to avenge my fathers death, and help all the people of Ecthelion through this war.", said Red.
      "Take me with you, please, I can't stop thinking about you since I layed eyes upon your face, please, please take me with you on your journey."
      "I couldn't risk you getting hurt, there are a lot of bad people out there, and they could get you, plus, your father would never allow that sort of thing."
      "I can defend myself! Watch!"      So Red watched Desy sit on her bed, and she closed her eyes for a second.
      "What is she doing?", Red thought to himself. And all of a sudden, a burst of flame came from her hands, and shot across the room.
      "Wow! What was that?", ask Red with amazment.
      "It's a fireball, my grandma taught it to me, it's an attack anchient warriors used to use."
      "Well.... Ok, you can come along, but stay close to me, I do not want you getting hurt."
      "Ok! I will get my stuff so we can leave, we will have to go down through my window, my dad would never allow me to go."
      "Alright, but this is risky."
      Dark came back, and Desy opened her window, and down the three friends climbed, off on their adventure together.

      Jonathan took Bartjan by the throat and pushed him up agaisnt the wall.
      "You mean to tell me, my slaves are planning on rebelling agaisnt me! How could you let this happen?!", said Jon.
      "Yes oh mighty Jon, they say they do not like the way they are being treated."
      "Why? I give them everything they need, work in the forges, buisnesses, their own public paper in which to sell and ask to buy things! What could they not like?!?"
      "They do not like the way some of the higher ranked servants of yours are working in the public places, they say that you are being mean with all of your rules also.", cried Bartjan.
      Jonathan threw Bartjan to the ground, with his other minion G_Beee lookin on. "Fine, they don't like it? Put a tax onto the public newspaper, tell them that everyone will have to pay double.. no wait, triple the normal ammount to sell something, muwhahaha, that otta show them.", demanded Jonathan, and with that, he stormed off into his lair.
      Little did Jonathan know, there was a conspiracy in his own kingdom.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] March 28 2006 7:50 PM EST

awesome :)

Hyrule Castle [Defy] March 28 2006 7:56 PM EST

i like how the things in the story are whats apparently happening in CB as we speak :D o, and not to brag or anything, but im in the story nananananna

Ragatag March 28 2006 8:23 PM EST

great, but i think since ranger is leaving you should put a little something something in it for him

{CB1}Lukeyman March 28 2006 8:40 PM EST

He was going to be el numero uno in the story, but i'm not sure now that hes leaving, no disrepectin, but he won't be the number 1 character anymore. But yes, he shall be in my sotry, theres no questioning that, just need to find a new role for him.

RedWolf March 28 2006 8:50 PM EST

spelling errors

keep up the good work
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