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BootyGod March 30 2006 12:34 PM EST

I wanted to write something, at first, which would cut all of you and try to get my own personal revenge on all of you. I have done it a few times prior to this and I deeply apologize for doing so. I found myself mad at all that has been happening, and though I know it is a game, I still find myself caring about all of you. I mean all of you, not just a few. I care and so I tried to find a way to pay you all back for helping me out and for giving me a kind word when you deemed it wise I apologize for my hasty words and stupid thoughts.

Of course I can't guarantee a change with this. I can't say that by saying this I can get anyone to forgive me or forget the things that have been happening. I am trying to remind people of why we all play this game and why we love it. Why we still should.

I apologize in advance for anything stupid, soppy, un-realistic and etc. I think you all can forgive me if you find it appropriate. But I hate beating around the bush so I figure I should stop now.

Do you remember when you first started playing? You might have felt a little incredulous... I mean you probably were playing other games and why would a text game really be able to keep your attention. But I stuck with it, as did all of you. I had hope that this might be something I could actually enjoy.
I remember entering chat and seeing everyone talking so easily about things. Using acronyms I was confused about. It was the day Ilovehellokitty started playing so I think I was a bit over-shadowed. I made a few friends and got deeper into the game. The strategy was over whelming so in the end I just settled for a basic Enchanter Tank Mage team.
I had friends and people I trusted. I was never sure when things started to sour but I always blame it on one day. Pride and my ego killed me that day and ruined I think what could have been a great thing I had with this game. I did end up gaining Shade as a friend from it so I managed to find a ray of sun in the middle of a storm. I still find it amazing though, the effects that little bit of pride had on me, and I am still feeling the horrible waves to this day.
I wish I could go back and change what happened, so that many others and I could still be happy. I wonder if Jon wishes he could go back and change what he said. Or Ranger or DAWG or any of the others. Maybe, maybe not. They made their decisions and those decisions or mistakes, whatever they may be, were theirs to make.
I remember the day I first attacked Ranger's character Apocalypse Book. I was happy because it took him 4 rounds to completely annihilate my character. Did any of you have this pride or thrill? I don't know but that is the kind of thing I play CB2 for. I will be honest, as far as strategy goes I know I am not the greatest strategist to ever walk through the doors of CB2. But I like when I set a goal and achieve it. I like it when my friend looks at something on my characters, asks about it and when I explain they compliment it. I never feel so good as when I think I have done a good job.
There will always be accusations that I want to be an op. I do not think it matters any longer whether I deny or accept them. I wish my word alone would be good enough. I wish we didn’t need thing like public record or auctions. That a word of two players would be good enough, but yet I am not such a romantic as to not understand exactly why those things are needed, really it's just more of a passing sadness.
The sadness I felt as I read the Admin Fining Problem was one of the harshest emotions I have felt. It was a kind of hopeless grief at watching so many friends rip into each other. Online or real life could have made no difference. Watching people take sides and viciously attack each other hurt me. Me, the same person who has talked about blender+ cat= smoothie. I am a tad morbid something.
I can't really believe this is happening. There have been rumors this has been just a large April's Fools joke. If so it is not in any way funny but in some way, I hope and pray that it is. To have my faith restored that this kind of garbage could never take place on this game, where chat is supposed to be a good place and the community kind and supportive.
I love you all in some way. I love this game and I would give it up this game if somehow I could make all this stuff change. I can’t but I wish I could.
But I still want to talk about why exactly I love this game. Why no matter how mad I got I could never make myself just up and quit.
I love this game because of my friends, who always tried to make it seem like I perhaps belonged, and that no one ever disliked me.
I love this game because of the joy at winning another battle, at looking at the numbers of my character.
I love this game because of the jokes we tell in forum and chats.
I love this game because of the thrill of being accepted, and welcomed into chat.
I love this game because I feel safe, because when I log on in the afternoon I never feel like life still sucks no matter how bad the day has been.
I care about this game because it gives me something to look forward to.
I love this game because I am around people who are innocent in mind. I am sure a lot of you do not know exactly what I am talking about, but that makes it no less true.
I love this game because Vorpal Blades rock.
I love this game because I trust people here. More then I trust any of my real life friends.
I love this game because I feel like I am good at something for once in my life. That I do not have to fail at everything that I ever try just because I am trying it, and that is a glorious feeling.
I love this game because bartjan and Bast continuously surprise me.
I admire this game because it is free and that is something that is rare, free enjoyment.

This game is not dead. It can go on forever. But you players out there, you people whom I love, must let it go on. You must forget your pride for one day and forget the insults that have been leveled at you. You must learn that things can’t be perfect and complaining can’t make them change.
Your lives and decisions are all yours to make. I have realized I can’t change that and regret that I didn’t realize it earlier. I will miss you all whatever happens if I ever have to leave. I open myself up to the flames, without a flame suit. I ask all admins to take anything even partly related to this thread as thread related. I deserve what I get for acting like a baby while I write this.

This is my last effort. It is my last true effort to make everything bad with this game go away, as if by magic. To sew the wound up and give the players of this game back what was, a thing of beauty, the harmony of so many people in one place.
My fingers hurt now. I must have typed 100’s of pages of text today. Sorry this is a little long winded. Sorry that I do not think a lot of you will care about this. I am sorry that I doubt this changes anything. But as a final request before I leave this subject for good, I ask that you all remember why you came to this game, why you love this game. Why you are hurting it.

My names is James. I am 16 years old. I am a devoted player to CB2. I am a normal arrogant, emo teenagers. The above statements are simply what I feel in the best way I know to express them. Lamely. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish you all the best of wishes and luck with life.

I might not read the replies. I probably won't. But you never know.

QBBarzooMonkey March 30 2006 1:53 PM EST


th00p March 30 2006 2:51 PM EST

Wow. Being able to sew up a hole that big means you're going to be one heck of a surgeon when you get older. ^.^

Dark Dreky March 30 2006 3:10 PM EST

/me applauds.

Nicely put GW. As a new player (well NUB for the next 3 days) I feel that this game has something no other game has. When trying to pinpoint exactly what that something is, I find there is nothing to point to. It is everything GW said and more. I must say, I now feel like part of the community and I plan to stay apart indefinitely.

And I know EXACTLY what you're talking about... the first time I attacked Ranger I felt like I was breaking and entering! It gave me such a "you-shouldn't-do-that" feeling. Looking at my 4 minions in each of there negative 2 million or more hit points just left me in awe, it truly saddens me to see him go.

AdminG Beee March 30 2006 3:45 PM EST

BootyGod March 30 2006 4:41 PM EST

Wasn't going to respond but.... That llama is awesome. But you would have thought I would have noticed a giant 4 legged black and white mammal stalking me in the night.

Sir Leon [Soup Ream] March 30 2006 5:34 PM EST

I dont know about anyone else but I enjoyed this so much i read it twice.

Before this i was thinking about quitting entirely. Now i think that i should stay and just because things have recently gone to hell that it will be back to normal in a week. This community really is the best out there. I just have to suck it up and get over the fact that the leader was prolly just really pissed and immaturely said something that he didnt really mean. I have been really immature myself for not realizing that me leaving I leave behind so many that i have grown up with.

I was thinking about leaving but now i think i need to stay. This one post has really inspired me even though GW used to be such a rival of mine in the past.

I guess every once in awhile people do get mad and make spontaneous decisions and just say stuff that they dont really truly mean.

I suppose i could talk forever about this. Great post GW!

You made me realize how dumb ive been just because of some people on cb were mad. You helped me realize that life at home sucks that when I come here I am relived and to think i almost through it all away.

Ok ok im done now. Sry :P

Vaynard [Fees Dirt Cheap] March 30 2006 6:29 PM EST

First of all, the post was in no which way lame or anything of the sort. It was a good post and an excellent reminder of the great people we have here on CB2. No matter the arguments people have on here, the good people all help eachother together.

I also laughed pretty hard when I read about how blender+ cat= smoothie.

Thanks for being a good part of the community. The one part of the post that I didn't care for, to be honest, was your opinion of yourself. You weren't lame, you're not arrogant at all, we've all had problems with our pride getting in the way, and always remember that life will always offer more to look forward to than just this game. You do sound sad, and I hope I am not misreading that, but I am glad you are not despairing. Things will get back to normal here. See you around.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] March 30 2006 6:41 PM EST

I'm darkdemon34 known as DD and i would like to give a giant shout out to all my friends from Philly and the ATL represent woo woo


BootyGod March 30 2006 6:43 PM EST

I live in atlanta. So thanks

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] March 30 2006 7:05 PM EST

My favorite part of CB, used to be those awesome photoshop contests. Alot of the very talented photoshoppers I think have moved on. I think we need a call to get people out there recruiting new people. Not multi's ... obviously.. but new smart/awesome people. We need tons of them since we have had a passing of a good too many people recently. And we need to replenish our stock!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2006 7:12 PM EST

:) Not read it yet! Will do tomorrow at work. Too drunk now. But looks sweet! ;)

Just wanna say one thing. You'll still not become chat op GW! ;)

(Donno if that was still relevant, never privy to original joke... But thought it might be pertinant! ;) )

Love you all! *hugs*

Mem March 30 2006 7:30 PM EST

You're so sappy, GW. You're a fine fellow nonetheless. :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2006 7:37 PM EST

Hey... What do I need to do to prove my manliness? Smear myself with grease and wrestle you all! ;)

Stephen March 30 2006 7:40 PM EST

You have a warped definition of manliness, that's the problem.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 30 2006 7:45 PM EST

;) What's you def? I might follow it for a while! ;) If it's fun! :P

velvetpickle March 31 2006 1:59 AM EST

It's kind of hard to follow all that feeling and emotion with a comment, but I thought I needed to say something. You summed up a lot of the feelings I have about this game as well so Bravo!

I am also a fairly recent NuB and hope to still be around years from now, but in light of recent events was getting kind of nervous I might not see that day. Things seem to be settling down a bit, and returning to the CB that originally got it's hooks into me, but I finding myself wondering if Jons wrath can be that easily triggered how long can it last?

QBOddBird March 31 2006 9:47 AM EST

/me smears himself with grease and walks around whistling nonchalantly, waiting....

Bring it.

Mem March 31 2006 10:31 AM EST

And since GL was too drunk to figure out that it wasn't him I called sappy: You're so sappy, GL. But you're a swell guy nonetheless.

BootyGod March 31 2006 10:31 AM EST

Thanks everyone.

/me tackles OB.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] March 31 2006 10:45 AM EST

GL will have to bring it after he recovers, 'Birdie. :P

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 12:28 PM EST

Bast is never wrong! ;) I've had a nap, pizza and watched a movie while vegging on my other sofa (cousin still on the other!). I'm feeling vaguely human, but I'm in no fit state to do anything! ;)

The tests of masculinity will have to wait for a while! ;)

QBBarzooMonkey March 31 2006 12:32 PM EST

Is it Festivus already? We've had many airings of grievances, and now there are to be feats of strength?


QBJohnnywas March 31 2006 12:34 PM EST

GL is actually a masked Mexican wrestler. The Mighty Shazaam....

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 12:43 PM EST

Oh god... What was his name? Captian Marvel was it?

Well BM, CB2 needs tournies! ;)

QBBarzooMonkey March 31 2006 12:52 PM EST

So it is finally settled - GL is to be the one to wrestle Jonathan to the ground and pin him, thus ending Festivus, and then we can all move on?


BootyGod March 31 2006 1:02 PM EST

Only if GL's mom is there to cheer him on...

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 1:14 PM EST

Cheer me on? She's a Judo black belt (no word of a lie!) She'd pin us both! O_O

BootyGod March 31 2006 1:23 PM EST

I would pay to watch it. oh yes indeed.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] March 31 2006 1:26 PM EST

How much? ;)

BootyGod March 31 2006 1:32 PM EST

Because I do not want to get fined I can't respond with my preferable retort lol. But what else do people think about the gift I from from the Dramallama Muse of mine.
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