UT=Dead :[ (in Public Record)

Untouchable April 7 2006 12:31 AM EDT

*** Killed by Timberwolf: Bye bye

Untouchable April 7 2006 12:32 AM EDT

lol......who's that untouchable fellow that got kicked? What a new player.

Timberwolf April 7 2006 12:36 AM EDT

Let's see, you were:
Asked nicely to stop your ramblings in NP
Asked nicely to move to Carnage
/kick'ed, then asked nicely again to move to Carnage, even warned that next one would be a /kill.

How many more warnings did you need?

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] April 7 2006 12:47 AM EDT

<Seran> Note: I corrected myself there. And the book I'm reading? Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.
<ranger-rules)darkdemon34> ^ good book and movie
<Rizz> so close your browser and go read
<ranger-rules)darkdemon34> books*
<Bast> Rizz, do you have some business here?
<Rizz> you won't ever get anything done with CB open, trust me.
<Rizz> carnage is dead, and people that hsould be there are here
<[CB1]Gun> indeed
<Rizz> and i do beleive seeing a post encouraging talking here?
<Bast> Okay, that's an official complaint. Now I must act, as it is my duty and obligation.
Rizz left the room.
- new players: Bast has kicked Rizz out of the room
ranger-rules)darkdemon34 left the room.
- new players: Bast has kicked ranger-rules)darkdemon34 out of the room
Sarthierlis has joined the room.
-- You have been kicked out of new players by Bast

Don't feel bad, she ruined my pm session. ;)

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] April 7 2006 12:48 AM EDT

You can PM from anywhere, right up 'til you get /killed, of course.

DD34isback(justkidding) [Severswoed Accounting] April 7 2006 12:53 AM EDT

hey is it true now if you get killed so many times your done from chat if so how many? :(

QBsutekh137 April 7 2006 1:04 AM EDT

Wait, so "ramblings" are a reason to get killed?

Did I miss something here? (seriously, I read the thread...didn't get a lick of real information from it...)

What exactly goes on in New Players?

What exactly is _allowed_ to go on, might be the better question?

QBsutekh137 April 7 2006 1:10 AM EDT

And I would love to see darkdemon's question answered, but than again, I am probably just rambling...

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] April 7 2006 1:28 AM EDT

was also told I misinform newbs when I came back...been one heck of a night so rabble on my man

SuiteStuff [C and S Forgery Lmtd.] April 7 2006 4:22 AM EDT

As far as i known Gun i never seen him mis inform any newb, so that sounds like a first for me, didn't even see him talk to any newb in that chat, my opinion is wrongfully accused, or the op just took something too serious that shouldn't been taking that serious.

Adminedyit [Superheros] April 7 2006 5:32 AM EDT

Gun is the C&P master. The only way he would misinform (wich i highly doubt) is if the help section is wrong as well.

WeaponX April 7 2006 8:56 AM EDT

i went in new players last night and everything Bast did was justified. as for Gun he believes that New Players belong in carnage.. then he feels the need to give them distasteful nicknames until they leave. everything done by Bast was for the good of the game.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] April 7 2006 9:43 AM EDT

Only 2 were given such belittling names in recent month(s) were Serenity there and Shadowking...speaking of which look what happened while I was making this post.

Shadowking has joined the room.
<Shadowking> anybody wanna join my clan?
<[CB1]Gun> ....
* Shadowking frowns
<Shadowking> why you here agin
<[CB1]Gun> same could be said to you...
<Shadowking> im here to get clan members+0
<[CB1]Gun> which you have been told time and time again not to do...
<Shadowking> no i havent
* Shadowking grins
* Shadowking giggles
Shadowking left the room.
As for Seran's newbness, A member of Carnage Blender 2 since March 10, 2006. On more often than you would think given the chars, but you must realize he is here mainly for chatting. Attempts to advice him on strats were commonly ignored, there is no CB related Q&A with him, pretty much is only around in NP because carnage is boring or so he kept telling me. Plus he has been given worse names and not by me. The name suzy wasn't used in the past 2 days by me, expect for 2 slips among the many uses of Seran, until one single word after he was pinged caused him to go total emo.
Not just a mean word... it's easier to type. Since you are Rarely in NP to begin with Mega you should take your "mentee" with you to carnage next visit so he can talk about more interesting subjects besides pets, dinner, or how he'd like to use daddy's Mack 3 quattro for sweet release. Otherwise he has as much purpose in that room as Bast's scorn from a year ago.
Excuse me while I do something a select few can't do and let go. ;) seriously tho both threads on this night of nuts should be deleted.

WeaponX April 7 2006 9:50 AM EDT

i'm Seran's mentor and he seems to be listening to me just fine. as for your chat log..that's what new players do and it doesn't give you the right to call them names.

Special J April 7 2006 1:50 PM EDT

Gun stop being a jerk period.
Last warning.
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