A Better CB (in Off-topic)

{CB1}Lukeyman April 10 2006 6:29 PM EDT

A better CB

Isn't that what we all truly want? A Better CB, where we can all run around and have fun?

Well, Let start going for it! Whenever you make a post, post it in Purple text to show that you want A Better CB. So take the time to show what you want, and go purple.

Thank you.

To get purple text, simply put < span style="color: purple;">Put you text here< /span>
P.S.. Take away the space at ^ and                                                                  ^ here

LayWaste-[bA April 10 2006 6:38 PM EDT


InebriatedArsonist April 10 2006 6:42 PM EDT

Lukey, that shade of purple on a blue background makes my eyes bleed.

(CB1)ranament April 10 2006 6:43 PM EDT

How can it be a better cb when some people cant read the text?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 10 2006 6:45 PM EDT

Step 1. Make a post
Step 2. ...
Step 3. Purple Text in posts
And there you go, a better carnage....


rufen April 10 2006 6:47 PM EDT


[T]Vestax April 10 2006 6:49 PM EDT

<span class="winner-font">How about we try using the winner color instead.</span>

[T]Vestax April 10 2006 6:52 PM EDT

<span class="loser-font">Or perhaps the loser font. :P</span>

QBOddBird April 10 2006 6:56 PM EDT

Yay! loser-font! I love it! :P

QBBarzooMonkey April 10 2006 6:56 PM EDT

What? What did you say? I can't hear you from all of the static that purple is causing in my Battle Tech...
Did you say you wanted a "badder G Beee"?
You want some snow on your butter TV?


Stephen April 10 2006 7:04 PM EDT

Where did <blink> and <marquee> tags go? They were so 90s internet.

SNK3R April 10 2006 7:09 PM EDT

Jon disabled them for the quite obvious reasons... ;)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] April 10 2006 7:11 PM EDT

The only good place for the blink tag is HERE. Duh!

RAMPAGE April 10 2006 7:12 PM EDT

A better CB?
We had one but Jon shut it down in December. =)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] April 10 2006 7:12 PM EDT

/me high fives RAMPAGE

{CB1}Lukeyman April 10 2006 7:21 PM EDT

Yes!!! /me also high fives Rampage! you win 50k! :D

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] April 10 2006 8:58 PM EDT

Let the wackiness begin.

YNM April 11 2006 7:27 AM EDT

Yay now the sexyness of YNM can roam FREE!!!!

Phrede April 11 2006 7:36 AM EDT

<span style="color: white;">i too don't understand how it will make cb better</span>

Phrede April 11 2006 7:37 AM EDT

especially if you get the code wrong :)

IndependenZ April 11 2006 2:54 PM EDT

Hehe, I never heard of a HTML code like this... But, for a better carnage, I recommend the bright yellow! Lets bring some sunshine into the Blender! ;)

QBPixel Sage April 11 2006 3:56 PM EDT

Oh no, Lukey, what have you done?! You've desecrated my theme!!!11

AdminG Beee April 11 2006 4:14 PM EDT

Why stick with purple when there's so many other colours to choose from?

BootyGod April 11 2006 4:15 PM EDT

G_beee I do not want to hear about "caps hurting eyes" after that eye-wrenching display of yours rofl. It will be forever singed upon my mind.

YNM April 11 2006 4:20 PM EDT

Forum privledges...revoked....

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 14 2006 9:34 AM EDT

Loser font?

I've got my own font as well? ;)

th00p April 14 2006 2:08 PM EDT

Blood colored!
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