Is UC gear is too strong ? (in General)

Roenall April 12 2006 9:33 PM EDT

Most gears in the game add % to yours skill or EO or ED.Corn add % to ench or EG add to dex and skill.UC gear does not work like this they add point like HG +10 will add 15 point to UC.So thing like this are happening 1,549,075/295,815 (94) a 500% increase in point but only maybe 25% in UC point .Well before the evasion change it would change nothing.But now UC add DEX in defence.So a UC of 94 will add 2/3 of 1.5M in dex or about 1M.

Doc [girl power] April 12 2006 9:40 PM EDT

My understanding is that a Mage will still tear it apart.

Also...a weapon of high enough + along with DX will also do considerable damage.

With UC you can dance around all you still get hit...and still die


[T]Vestax April 12 2006 10:19 PM EDT

UC "overpowered" posts. Thought I would never see the day.

Lumpy Koala April 12 2006 11:08 PM EDT

lol but can UC 100 kill a bug? :D

QBBarzooMonkey April 12 2006 11:12 PM EDT

Blah, blah, blah. I can't hit the big UC minion. Blah, blah, blah. Use a big fireball, and you'll decimate a big HP, (100) + UC before you even get to melee...

QBPixel Sage April 13 2006 1:31 AM EDT

Well, since a UC will likely never get as powerful as a full-blown MH tank, no, I don't think it is overpowered.

QBOddBird April 13 2006 1:43 AM EDT

The gear makes up for the size of the weapons it is competing with.

Not entirely, but it does to an extent.

QBPixel Sage April 13 2006 1:55 AM EDT

And plus, I think UC was made in such a way that it would be just plain bad without the UC equipment.

Xiaz on Hiatus April 13 2006 7:04 AM EDT

Never pleased I guess...

QBJohnnywas April 13 2006 7:22 AM EDT

UC gear smells strongly, which is why no tanks dare come near.

QBBarzooMonkey April 13 2006 7:48 AM EDT

That's because the Gis are actually hairshirts, as UC monks want to punish themselves for the guilt they feel from the whooping they throw down :P

QBJohnnywas April 13 2006 8:07 AM EDT

UC The New scent from Calvin Klein

QBJohnnywas April 13 2006 8:10 AM EDT

In all seriousness:

As Pixel says, UC is next to useless without the boosts from the gears. And once you start getting into (80) or thereabouts the climb between levels is long and xp-expensive.

I wish the boost was more like a % increase actually, because then the boost would get bigger as your character grew. Like Alatars. They're not overpowered in anyway are they?

Arorrr April 13 2006 11:33 AM EDT

Same with Vestax. I never think I would see the day when UC is complained to be overpower.


UC = paper grenade.

miteke [Superheros] April 13 2006 11:33 AM EDT

I think the real issue here is that for low level UC minions, UC gear gives an inordinate amount of bonus for the PR cost. This is because the PR bonus is based on percentage, while the affect is an add on.

The solution would be to incorporate a constant bonus along with the % bonus when calculating PR for items that give a constant bonus. This is true of all armors which give a fixed damage reduction amount along with a % damage reduction amount. This amount is insignificant at higher levels, but when you put a massive piece of armor on a low level minion, it makes a huge difference. Take for example an AC with an AC of 50. It gives a reduction of about 75 points of damage. Whoopie! No big deal to the big shots, but to a character with a PR of 10, it is huge! But for armors other than the Gi, your character quickly outgrows the period where that makes any kind of difference so nobody really cares. For a Gi, though, that imbalance lasts for a while.

I hope I got all that right - I hate making a fool of myself.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 13 2006 11:48 AM EDT

Fireball: 2,624,976/2,262,911 (329,831) nope JW nothing overpowered at all.

QBJohnnywas April 13 2006 12:17 PM EDT

Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

(Nice bonus there Nov1 That's some big fireballs you got there...)

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 13 2006 2:06 PM EDT

The only thing overpowering I see is the inability to distinguish between when to use "affect" and when to use "effect" such as in miteke's example of: "This is because the PR bonus is based on percentage, while the affect is an add on."

ScY April 13 2006 2:23 PM EDT

you know what:

helms gauntlets do add really, a max of +23 to UC (+15 is the most out there)
the CG is a necessity for UC

and besides, it takes *EXP* to increase UC which therefore increases damage
whereas DAWG can put 144million NW into his MH, not spend a single point of exp on making his damage go higher (ST excused)

and for the % bonus, thats what elven gear is for (+% to skill, UC is a skill duh ;) ) EB and EC with a C-GI, HG and HoE: you have the complete set of UC gear

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 14 2006 9:27 AM EDT

Hi All! :D

Roe, I wouldn't put too much emphasis on the level increase you see from UC items.

It shows a rough level of where the skill would be to get the new effect your items have boosted it to.

As the cost for the UC skill curves, you will obviously see a larger bonus to level from using items on a naturally high UC skill. Just look at putting a Gi on a base UC for eample.

The UC bonuses are *different* to corns etc, as they are fixed. +10 to your wepaon provides a lot more 'oomph' at lower levels than at high.

Percentile bonuses get better with age. +25% to a DD from AG + CoI is nothing on a base FB, but stick that on a 1 million plus FB and watch it make a hell of a lot of difference.

Plus, with UC the increase from items *never* effects the defensive dexterity or evasion given by UC (with the exception og the Gi, but that is a special item), they only up the weapon stats.


Roenall April 14 2006 1:00 PM EDT

Evasion gives bonus to effective DX on defense equal to the evasion level


Evasion gives bonus to effective DX on defense equal to the evasion level - does that also affect UC


tscm: yes

Evasion take the amount of point train after bonus and add this to dex in defence.UC work the same way.A base UC of (70) + UC gear will add more that 2M in dex.

A old post about UC

In fact YOU was right he did have a larger PTH that Barzoo evasion but was attacking a char that have much more dex that he was thinking.Taking barzoo UC stats *0.66 that + is natural DEX = D-DEX.My guess is that YOU had 0 CtH and maybe 20 pth left, leaving is chance to hit around 20%.

QBOddBird April 14 2006 1:03 PM EDT

It doesn't take it *after* the bonus, Roenall.

The weapon X and + are effected by the gears post-bonus.

The trained UC's Evasion is all that counts. Post-item bonus levels do not add to the Evasion.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 14 2006 1:57 PM EDT

Roe, you'll have to hunt back through the earlier changelogs...

"Jonathan, March 30 2005 1:02 AM EST
UC still gives an evasion-like bonus of 1/3 of the (pre-item bonus) UC level during melee, but during ranged it is now almost twice that."

UC Evasion has always been pre-item, that hasn't been a notified change.

I hope this helps.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 14 2006 2:12 PM EDT

"Evasion take the amount of point train after bonus and add this to dex in defence"

Not sure what you mean here. There are no items that give a bonus to Evsion (like HG do to UC). Evasion and UC are increased by + Dex items (as are all skills) which *does* increase the defensive dexterirty given by both skills.

If you're talking about DBs, they don't provide any defensive dex at all, and don't stack well with the Evasion skill and possibly (Jon's not let enough slip to really be sure :P ) UC/Gi anyway.
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