Has "I'm leaving CB" become a secret code (in Off-topic)

QBBarzooMonkey April 20 2006 11:56 AM EDT

... for "I'm switching to an Econ clan to be a forger"? If so, I can't help wondering when Ranger is going to start forging, because I'd hire him in a second!


QBJohnnywas April 20 2006 12:13 PM EDT

No, actually it means "The Swans are flying east for the winter. Meet at the Old Clock carrying a copy of the New York Times. Leave the secret files in a brown leather briefcase by the waste bin."

QBBarzooMonkey April 20 2006 12:23 PM EDT

Oops, my bad. Which old clock, though? And I think it was the flying East vs. flying South part that confused me...

QBJohnnywas April 20 2006 12:25 PM EDT

You must meet with Natasha. She has the blueprints under her beret. She will help you infiltrate SPECTRE's secret Disneyland headquarters.

And remember trust no one. Especially Mickey and Donald.

QBOddBird April 20 2006 12:56 PM EDT

/me peers out from under the Cosmo costume, watching and reporting all that goes on.

WeaponX April 20 2006 1:01 PM EDT

i got kind of a challenge from Mantra to see if my idea to beat Ranger will work. thusly i'm still here.

YOU April 20 2006 1:09 PM EDT

you can't beat Ranger. He quit already. LoL

LayWaste-[bA April 20 2006 2:03 PM EDT

Actually, this could be big! :P Since switching to an econ clan reduces your fees a considerable amount, it would be smart of him to switch to an econ clan and wait the week out. That way if he is going to transfer anything, it will save him money, possibly a lot considering the large NW he has. So maybe he is going to be selling items/chars.

Ox [StephenMelinda Gates Fund] April 20 2006 4:58 PM EDT

Ranger only quit forums.
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