Dissension Prerelease in Two Days!! (in Off-topic)

BMWheatley April 20 2006 8:26 PM EDT

The Dissension Prerelease is only two days away for me! I cant wait, one on Saturday, one on Sunday. That makes the weekend almost straight tournaments! I hope I have enough money to pay for 'em. : )

Anyone else going? (This is MTG, btw.)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] April 20 2006 8:41 PM EDT

My brother has Magic the Gathering cards. Do they count?

5583 days old {Gaza} April 23 2006 9:46 AM EDT

i went; I did bad; but I got some good stuff... my rav tourney pack for today had Birds, Dark confidant and Glare in it :-)

BMWheatley April 23 2006 11:02 AM EDT

not bad, i ripped a watery grave, Experiment Kraj, and a Glimpse. : )

xDanELx April 23 2006 2:47 PM EDT

I got Breeding Pool, Char and Dark Confidant.
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