What ranged weapon is best? (in General)

Flamey April 26 2006 11:46 PM EDT

due to the recent PL thing, ex/axbow have become useless, not nice for me as i had recently bought an exbow and upgraded it.

you will all say get a ELB, but they cost to much just to buy, let alone upgrade, so i ask the CB community what should i do, i have a 1-handed weapon so minimal DX penalty, should i stay switch?

Thanks in advance!

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] April 26 2006 11:51 PM EDT

ELB is of course the best but if you don't want to shell out the money for one then get a Compound Bow.

Flamey April 26 2006 11:52 PM EDT

sorry forgot to add, what is best and cheapest to upgrade?


AdminNightStrike April 26 2006 11:56 PM EDT

Rent one. You'll outgrow it fast enough anyway.

sssimmo April 27 2006 12:41 AM EDT

"you will all say get a ELB, but they cost to much just to buy, let alone upgrade"

ELB is cheapest to upgrade. Always has been and probably always will be...

Maelstrom April 27 2006 12:42 AM EDT

If I'm not mistaken, ELBs are the cheapest to upgrade, do the best damage, and add the least PR for the NW you get.

And they're not all that expensive these days - definitely worth the investment.

Flamey April 27 2006 12:44 AM EDT

Thanks guys i will look out for a ELB

sssimmo April 27 2006 12:45 AM EDT

Flamey, a quick standard CB rule when it comes to weapons and armor:

The bigger the first number in its description, the cheaper it is to upgrade. Therefore, usually, that item generally has a more expensive base cost according to the market.

Karmic Mishap [Soup Ream] April 27 2006 4:03 AM EDT

Yes, ELB's are way cheaper now that archery has been nerfed. They used to fetch some $3-4 mil sometimes, base. O.O
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