How does your MPR drop? (in General)

Flamey May 2 2006 2:54 AM EDT

i was looking at the graphs for MPR(top 5), nice MPR but i think on all of them, their MPR has dropped a little then rose, i thought your MPR stayed and score and PR changed.

any one want to shed some light on this?

seeing as how im asking questions, does anything with a base AC of 0 (corn, DBs etc.) give AC even when upgraded? and why doesnt it?


Phrede May 2 2006 2:55 AM EDT

Probably someone retrained lost 5% or more from their stats and therefore took a little dive in the MPR graph

Flamey May 2 2006 2:59 AM EDT

oh yea thanks for that freed, forgot about retraining.

/me so forgetful.

still got another question to be answered.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] May 2 2006 3:02 AM EDT

DB no, MgS no, everything else yes.

Flamey May 2 2006 3:05 AM EDT

Thanks! everything got covered.

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] May 2 2006 3:12 AM EDT

MPR will only drop when unlearning or firing minions. As for armor with a base AC of 0 only a corn or GI will add to your overall AC. The benefit the other armor give outway the lack of AC they give IMO. Heck, if DB's gave AC think how easy it would be to get a massive AC. DB's don't cost much to upgrade and NW for NW if they gave AC would far outweight any body armor around. A MGS would also be overpowered if it added to AC. All in all the inherent effects of these two armors outweight any benefit that adding to AC could possibly give and would just make them overpowered.
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